Happy Wednesday! ( I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Where do the days go?!) I had every intention of turning today into a “Quilt Day”. There weren’t too many things on my “to do” list, and with everyone out of the house today it seemed like a perfect little indulgence 🙂

Now it is past 11 already and I haven’t even looked at any fabric today! Instead I have exercised, bought ( very few) groceries, purchased stamps, done a load of laundry, and worked on some job-related items. All good things, don’t get me wrong, and they all needed to get done, but THIS is why I NEVER get any quilty stuff DONE! ( YES, that is really the reason~ it has nothing at all to do with me surfing the web, or getting drawn in by Pinterest, or getting caught up in a magazine article~REALLY!)

I just wanted to share some quick pictures of what I have been up to these last few days:

Remember my little UFO I found last week while cleaning up my quilt space? I big-stitched a big scallop in blue floss around the outside, but decided it needed a little something more. So, button collection to the rescue! I am adding an antique button in each scallop and I think that will give my little quilt the exact right touch! Pretty soon I will pop this one in the washer and dryer and anxiously await the final look..I do hope it comes out all nice and crinkly and looking a little worn~ that is what I always aim for!

My table runner that I started last week with my gorgeous new fabric findimg_2236is awaiting some quilting. I did decide to add some pieced blocks in the corners. I think those will add a nice touch.

The block pattern came out of one of my favorite sets of books: Around the Block with Judy Hopkins. I will share more about these books in a future post…I absolutely L O V E them and they deserve a blog post.( Just look at all those sticky notes sticking out from the book, all marking some blocks I HAVE to make someday!)

Well, that is all ….I’m off to do some quilting now…yes, really….just as soon as I ….hmmmm, maybe today won’t be a quilting day after all.

I hope YOU get to have some crafty time today! And remember: “Do something every day that can’t be undone!” ( The Mother’s Almanac)

Until next time,