If it’s not working, change it up!

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Try and try again :)

If you read last week’s blog right here, then you are aware that I have changed blogging platforms. This has not been without its hiccups, but I am hopeful I can work out all the kinks soon! Thank you so much to all of you who let me know about last week’s issues and exactly what you were encountering. That was extremely helpful to me!

This week’s new blog post can be found right here:


See you over on my new site!


Important update!

Hello everyone, I am blogging at a new address starting this week. I will slowly transition my posts and tutorials from here to the other platform, but in the meanwhile you can read this week’s blog post here:


Please let me know how that works for you. I will have some kinks to work out and appreciate any feedback you have!



P.S. I have been getting lots of messages saying that this link does not work. For me it works when I click on it, so I am wondering if for those if you who are NOT getting in, maybe it is because you don’t have a GOOGLE account?? I will try whatever I can to get this fixed and hope to figure this out soon! Thanks for sticking with me while I navigate these lovely, complicated matters!