fabric shopping with someone famous

Okay, I admit it. I broke my New Year’s resolution to NOT buy any new fabric this year….

But everybody will understand WHY I had to break it. I mean, when someone famous in the quilting world INVITES you to go shopping for fabric with them you CANNOT say “no”. Well, I couldn’t anyway 🙂

Up until last week I had been doing so well….had not bought an inch of fabric. Had been using my stash to start a new project, AND had even finished a couple of unfinished, forgotten, lonely projects. And then I got a message that went something like this: “Hey, I’m going shopping for fabric next week, want to come?” ( In reality I had actually told this person that if they ever were shopping in our neck of the woods that I would volunteer to be their shopping buddy. Shameless,  I know.) But anyhow, she contacted me and when the date turned out to be on my birthday too I could not say NO?! That would have been impolite. And besides, my very supportive ( enabler) friends and family were telling me that of course I had to go because I’m polite and because no one has to follow a diet ( in my case a fabric diet) on their birthday! So I said yes. And it was great. I felt like I had known her for years because I follow her on FB and get her e-magazine, and have participated in some of her sew-alongs, and own a bunch of her fabric. I think she thought I was funny because I was excited about being out shopping for fabric with somebody famous! I don’t care….I WAS excited, I had a FABULOUS time, and I don’t even feel that GUILTY over breaking my resolution. But now I am back on the wagon….I swear…no more fabric purchases for the rest of the year…I mean it….(well unless somebody else famous calls me and invites me….Carrie Nelson…Eleanor Burns….Ricky Tims….I’m really not picky….)001


These were some of the lovely fabrics I picked up at Zook’s Fabric Store, in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.


Recognize this lady? That is Jacquelynne Steves, also known as The Noble Wife. You can find out more about her at jacquelynnesteves.com.006

That lovely store is The Old Country Store in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. They have a great selection of fabrics AND a great online store as well.

8 thoughts on “fabric shopping with someone famous

  1. I had a fabulous time, too! I’m afraid I may have “enabled” you as well in your fabric “addiction,” lol! You are grouping me with Carrie Nelson, Eleanor Burns and Ricky Tims? My husband will get a HUGE laugh out of that….


  2. Wow! I would have gone on a shopping trip like that, too! I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Pat Sloan lives just north of me…closer to DC. No, i only know her as someone famous, and if she called to meet halfway, it wouldn’t be a question as to what i would do!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time. I hope you ate out on your birthday! That would have made your trip even more fun!

    Congrats on your new blog start-up, too. I popped over from Jacquelynne’s blog.


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