a snowy day

Here in the Northeastern United States we had a HUGE snowstorm on Saturday! It snowed and snowed,  and then snowed some more. There was a travel ban in effect and that forced everyone to just hang out at home. Luckily we didn’t lose power so it was a cozy day to be holed up inside. At one point the family did head out to start the snow shoveling, and good thing that they did because it was DEEP!

This morning we woke up to beautiful sunny weather and snow as far as the eye could see! We didn’t break a record,  but did have a decent amount of snow at 25 inches. The family headed out several times to try and dig out the end of the driveway ( and a car!).

This is what our railing looked like by the end of the day….all kinds of pants trying to dry out.

Normally I would have been out there playing ~I mean working~ in the snow, but I am fighting this nasty sinus infection and thought it was better to stay in. Seeing as everyone else was occupied outside, I made myself useful inside and tidied up my quilt room. As soon as that was done I had the urge to mess it up again so made an adorable pillowcase for daughter’s birthday.013

I used the “hot dog” method ( just Google it) and it makes for such an easy and nicely finished pillowcase….love it!

Then I needed another project, so I searched through my many, MANY quilt books and decided to make a project from this book:009

I love combining quilting with embroidery! Gail Pan came out with this lovely book by That Patchwork Place that has all kinds of projects that combine the two. I opted to go for the pincushions. They are nice and small and won’t take me away from other projects that will be distracting me before too long….

So now I’m sitting by my cozy fireplace working away on the first one…we have already learned that school will be closed tomorrow so that promises another day for some playing in the snow and some more stitching!

P.s. I was told that it would be a good idea to always post blogs on the same days….I would rather just post a blog when I actually have something to share, so if you want to make sure you receive my posts, just sign up to receive a notice by email ( on the right hand side, just scroll down!)

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