Sunshine and stitching

Spring has finally sprung for good this week! Although there were a few wet snowflakes around on the weekend, there is no holding back the buds on the trees and the bulbs in the ground ( although my tulips are being a bit stubborn about showing themselves!)

I love listening to the chirping birds and seeing all the nesting activity too. Spring might just be my favorite season! ( But I bet in the Fall I’ll be saying that it is my favorite…it all depends on what there is to look forward to!)

This week I was super productive in my quilt room! I finally got going on another row in my row by row quilt. I had had the templates traced, cut out, and sewn together for ages and just needed to finish the flower shapes and finally got to that. I decided to do a blanket stitch around the centers, using my new wool floss. This will be a great project to work on while watching tv at night.

One done, seven more to go. This row will join the other three that I have already made:006Now to decide which other rows to add to my quilt….

Bloom block number 9 and 10 are done and almost done!

I have two whole rows of the quilt already completed and they are ready to be sewn together this weekend!It is a bright and scrappy-looking quilt. I noticed that I have a real fetish for polka-dots!  Sometimes when I look at my blocks I think I should tone them down because they are SO different and SO bright, but I think in the end it will all come together and look quite marvelous ( here’s hoping, anyway 🙂 )

This is Easter weekend and, as well as egg-dying and making some yummy breakfast foods and hunting for Easter eggs, I also invited a friend to come over for her very first quilt lesson! I am always excited to lure another unsuspecting victim friend into this wonderfully addictive obsession  hobby! When I got my very first quilt lesson from a dear friend years ago I was instantly hooked! At that time we both had young kids ( my youngest at that time was 1) and there really wasn’t a lot of spare time for any hobby. But that really didn’t matter. Once I got bitten by the quilt bug there was no stopping and I am hoping my friend will feel exactly the same way!
All this talking about quilting and obsessions is making me want to run into my room right this minute to start on a project! See? It IS that addictive!

Have a very Happy Easter everyone!



4 thoughts on “Sunshine and stitching

  1. Monique your garden is looking so lovely, and your blocks are coming along so beautifully. I have no doubt that your friend will be hooked, how can she not be, when you show her your work in progress. Take care, have a happy and safe Easter, thanks for taking the time to share.


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