A tour of my “happy place”

Hello again!

When I read books and magazines about quilting, I always am the most interested in the ones that feature something personal.( In fact, I hardly ever buy a book or magazine that just features patterns!)  I love to read about what inspired a quilt, or see pictures of the way a quilter’s space is set up, or even read about some family history and see a few old family photos. So, I thought it might be fun to give you a tour of MY happy place!

My quilt room is located in the room that most people would use for “formal” dining, you know, for holidays and special occasions. Personally I have always found that a huge waste of a room. It looks pretty, but goes unused most of the year. Stuffing heaps of fabric and sewing paraphernalia in there and making it a creativity hub seems like a much better use of the space to me 🙂024

Now, before you think that eating is more important than quilting ( and we might have to arm wrestle over that one!) , we do have a huge eat- in kitchen, and we are  not formal people, so this fits our lifestyle quite well.

Let’s begin the tour: First, there is my ironing table, which is really a piece of plywood on legs, covered with lots of heat resistant batting and fabric. Behind those sweet quilt-top curtains there is a ton of storage for the not-so-pretty things that I don’t want to look at all the time.005

My black cutting table is really a free-standing kitchen island and it is the perfect spot for my over-sized cutting mat, again with tons of storage on the inside.007

My beautiful sewing desk was a find last year at this cute little store that sells vintage-y items. I saw it and it had to come home with me! ( thank goodness for mini-vans!!) Those drawers go all the way from front to back and, again, hold  a ton of stuff!009

To hold my many books and yards of fabric I placed three bookshelves side by side. I like having my fabric and books out in the open where they can inspire me all the time!006

I was also lucky enough to find this great wall cabinet when a craft store went out of business and was selling EVERYTHING. It is the perfect spot for fat quarters!025

I knew that I still needed some shelving space for things other than books and fabric, so bought a long bench and old shutter at a junk/antique shop and made my own shelving!

008Do you notice how my speakers are the “supports”? I hope they are STRONG, although I do make sure to not place too many heavy items on top.

My thread is on a thread holder, right under a black board where I can write notes on what projects need to get done next:

And then I have all shapes and sizes of baskets to hold things like UFO’s, magazines, work in progress, and the likes.

I also like to have lots of cute little decorations in my room….

And of course there have to be buttons! Lots and lots of buttons!015

So there you have it. This is the room that brings me so much joy on a daily basis. I do wish that I had had the foresight to paint it a happy color BEFORE I moved in all that heavy stuff though! Maybe someday….

How about all of you? Where is your happy place? I would love for you to share!

Until next time!

10 thoughts on “A tour of my “happy place”

  1. Your happy place is awesome. Mine is in my head (a dream yet to be realized), its a big shed/barn with a lady’s room and absolutely “craft things only”, no male tools (my DH will have to have his own shed/barn), unless this can assist with the quilting ie large measuring tapes, painters tape etc etc. Lots and lots of storage and lots of surfaces for machines, over-lockers and cutting boards. Now all I have to do is win lots of money on the lottery and then I’m set…. Or I could use the small verandah that I share with my darling little parrot, this is my “ok place”. It’s nice to dream though, don’t you think??

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  2. I enjoyed your tour of your space. I have a room upstairs that is my special space and I have enjoyed it so much. I too like to have my fabric where I can see it. I am always inspired by seeing what others are doing, have a creative day.

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