A new project

Hello again!

We have had the most gorgeous weather here on the East coast of the United States for the past week! The sun has been shining, the temperatures are rising, and there has been very little humidity…..aaahhhh, LOVE it! Everything is in full bloom and I so wish that you could smell my Viburnum bush…heavenly!020On the weekend I decided I had to do some outdoorsy projects,  so finally painted a chair that was looking rather sad. I liked the color so much that I decided that the shutters on the shed could use a fun color too! Wish I had painted those years ago because now they really catch my eye!004I couldn’t help myself and just had to run around the yard and take pictures of everything that’s blooming right now! ( I am sure the neighbors think I’m NUTS!)

025Can’t you just feel the sun and smell the flowers??

Okay, okay, enough pictures of the yard….what about some quilting projects?! Well, I hadn’t done a whole lot until yesterday because obviously I was running around photographing everything :). But I did manage to make BLOOM block number 14 yesterday!001

Cute, cute, cute! And then I decided I NEEDED to start a NEW project….tsk, tsk, tsk. But I couldn’t resist! Just look at this cute pattern out of this cute book:

I bought the book a few weeks back when Martingale was having a huge sale. It is chock full of quilt patterns for precuts and there are soooo many cute patterns in here that I want to make! I decided to use my Riley Blake rolie polie bundle, called Summer Celebration.

The pattern is super easy. My only problem was that I didn’t have the 45 degree ruler that would make the cutting of the pieces a snap…..but, I did have a triangle ruler that contained the same angle so decided to just make do with it. I taped it off at the correct spot and it works just fine!

And look at the cute block I have constructed already! 060Now I just have 15 more to do .(This block finishes at 16 inches~ it is going to be a BIG quilt!).  Here is a sequence of the steps so you can see for yourself how easy it is:

This quilt is called Daydream in the book, but I think I might have to call mine Beach Ball, because that’s what it reminds me of! Won’t this be so cute used as a picnic blanket in the summer?? Or just draped over some chairs by the pool??  Oh my, I am drooling at that thought already! So, I better be off to work on my Beach Ball blocks some more….summer is right around the corner!

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “A new project

  1. Your garden looks like those Home an Garden magazines, just gorgeous. I love that plant with all the pink pompoms, what is it please??
    That pattern looks great and so easy, yet when its all together it gives the impression of a very difficult block, you have a very good eye for picking fabrics, I might have to take you with me when I go shopping for fabric and books and plants, feel like moving to Australia please?? Thanks for sharing.


  2. Haha, thanks, Guida, I would LOVE to move to Australia, but it is probably not in the near future 😉
    Fabric picking is easy when you buy it in a jelly roll…they are matched for you! And that pink pompom bush is called a Pink Flowering Almond. Have a great week!


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