Busy, busy, busy

Is your life like mine in the spring? Crazy busy, filled with all kinds of last minute school activities like book sales, field trips, concerts, and award ceremonies? It is as if everyone has decided that they need to cram in one last thing before school ends and therefore my calendar is overflowing with commitments! I don’t mind…I really don’t. But when I am sitting at a concert or helping out at a booksale I am obviously not working on something quilty! 🙂 And I miss my room very much these days…but I guess this prepares me for the upcoming summer months when I’m not likely to get hours on end in my quilt room because my kids will be home and there will be other activities to fill my time.

So this is what I DID accomplish this week: I started quilting my beach umbrella blocks.

I pondered on how to quilt them and then decided that the fabric is SO busy and there are so many seams, that any elaborate quilting ( either by hand or machine) would be unnoticeable and back-breaking. So I decided to  machine-quilt in the ditch along all the rings…looks a bit spider-webby from the back, doesn’t it? Because these blocks are so big I definitely wanted to quilt them BEFORE putting them together into a quilt top. I am hoping that I will make a little more progress on these this weekend!

Yesterday I ended up making a little pincushion. This container used to hold a soy candle. It was way too pretty to throw out so I decided to make it into a pincushion.

I started by placing a bunch of batting scraps in the bottom and then placed a styrofoam ball on top ( wrapped in one strip of batting so it fit snuggly).

Then I got out my wool box and covered the ball in a wool square, using hot glue and pins. I then wanted to add petals so cut a strip of wool in  a scallop and glued that to the top of the container.

That looked a bit sparse so I added another layer of scallops under the first one, and then added a piece of lace to cover the ugly parts…stuck my pretty pins in, and voila!

It’s always great to have another pincushion. 🙂

The free Block of the Month that I am participating in will start in June and so I have been working  on those blocks….here is a sneak peek at my blocks and fabrics.

I might use all of those fabrics ,  or I might not. I never like to commit because if I don’t like the way the fabric looks in the quilt I will have to change it. As many of you already know, I am using wool for the appliques. It was fun to sit at night and work away on those while watching TV. They were done way too quickly, in my opinion! You will all have so much fun with these blocks! They are sooo pretty 🙂

A few weeks back I did FINALLY finish my Posies quilt that I started back in January or February! I love the way it looks…very happy and cheerful and it now graces our coffee table.

Well, that is all the show and tell I have for this week….I am going to do my best to sneak a little more quilt time in next week ( gotta grab it while I can!!). Now I’m off to enjoy a little present my sweet friend sent me in the mail earlier this week:005Ahhh, just what I need!

Until next time!


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