Announcing the winner….

blockGood morning! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I just got word that I can announce the winner of the BOM contest for April! Thank you ALL for your wonderful responses! I actually had to go look up some of the names of quilters you mentioned because I did not know them, so thank you for broadening my quilting horizons! I so wish I could choose more than just one winner because there were so many cute, sweet, funny answers, but I can’t so here goes:

The winner of April’s give-away is……

Debra White! This is what she wrote:

I would love to go fabric shopping with my Grandmother, I’m 57 and just starting to quilt, many years after losing my Grandmother. I remember Momma saving her sewing scraps for MawMaw & any clothes I had outgrown. MawMaw created all her quilts completely by hand, no internet, no computers or fancy machines. I can still look at one of my quilts she gave me & see many memories In the fabric scraps of my childhood clothes. I wonder what she would make of the options in fabrics that we have so readily available today – I do know that I would dearly treasure having such an opportunity.

This is what Debra has won:

price April BOM

Congratulations Debra! I have sent you an email as well.

Stay tuned for more fun and of course the START of Maggie’s First Dance BOM in June!

Happy quilting!



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