hello sunshine, so glad you’re here at last!

Hello there!

I am so glad that this week seems to be moving so very s l o w l y. Lately I feel like I have been behind in everything I am trying to accomplish, so a week that moves at a snail’s pace is a nice change!031

In just 8 more days my boys will be off school for the summer, and while I love the unhurried, relaxed, no-time-to-keep lifestyle, it also means a lot less time to quilt…I really do have to figure out a way to schedule quilting time into the summer activities…after all, I need my sanity-saving moments too 🙂

I am happy to say that this past week has been super productive in the quiltmaking department! I finished BLOOM blocks 17, 18, and 19…yayy!023024050

Now there is only one block left to go and then the entire quilt will be close to finished. Can’t wait to hang that beauty!! It has been so much fun to work on this quilt, and I’m so glad I was able to keep up and will have a finished project before too long.

Lori Holt will be starting a new sew-along in August with her Cozy christmas templates and I highly recommend joining in the fun! You can bet that I’ll be sewing along again too! You can find the FREE pattern here, and the templates are for sale here.

What else? Oh yes, oldest son’s graduation quilt is coming together very nicely…I added one more row of blocks to make the quilt “just right” for wrapping up in, AND decided that it needed a border after all.053

I LOVE the way it looks. Now it just needs a (quick) machine quilting and a binding ( and a LABEL, cannot forget a label!) and it should be done in plenty of time before graduation….well, plenty of time might be stretching it a bit, but I’m hoping NOT to be sitting and stitching the binding on until midnight the night before graduation!

So, what does my title have to do with anything I have written about so far?? Nothing much, I guess, except that we are finally having some nice sunny days and the temps are actually feeling summer-ish…such a nice change from the cold, rainy, damp, depressing weather we had been having for the last month!

Sunshine makes me very happy, even though it means I spend more time in the garden and less time quilting. As long as I get my MUST-DO projects done,  I am not complaining! ( And it is awfully nice to get to “play” with flowers and planters~ almost as nice as playing with fabric!)

I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying your week and  doing some fun stuff too!040

2 thoughts on “hello sunshine, so glad you’re here at last!

  1. Lovely quilt and quilt blocks. Life here is full on and has been for a few months, hopefully it will get better and nicer. Take care and thanks for sharing.


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