I visited a quilt store over the weekend. It was a planned visit….very dangerous, I know, for someone who is on a self-imposed FABRIC DIET. But I simply HAD to go and be with quilters…and samples….and books…and thread….and fabric. Do you get that urge? I know it was a dangerous way to test my self control, but…..I passed! Yay for me! I only came home with some spools of thread ( that’s not fabric!), a cool new ruler ( that I REALLY could have used for my Beach Umbrella quilt!),019010 and a quilt book that was on sale for half off ( could NOT pass that up!). I have to admit that I didn’t even dare look too much at the fabric, other than just to glance at its general direction, for fear of having a fabric catch my eye and having it scream: ” You NEED me, take me HOME!” Does this happen to you? Anyway, I was proud of my self control ( now if only I could be as strong when there is chocolate in the house *sigh*).

Now for the quilty part of my blog….this past week I have been working like mad to finish oldest son’s graduation quilt….

that thing was a bit unwieldy to push through my machine in order to quilt it, because I decided that a flannel backing would be nice….nice yes, but also HEAVY, and trying to wrangle that quilt through was not my idea of fun….I really could have used another set of arms to keep everything going in a straight line. As it was I was using hands, shoulders, elbows, and yes, even my CHIN to keep that fabric where it needed to be! But I got it done! And now I *just* need to sew on the binding and label…YIPPEE!

(I decided to get fancy with my label and embroider a little birdy and his mama.Seemed appropriate for our “birdy” who will be leaving the “nest”, don’t you agree?)

I have to confess that I was getting a bit bored working on the same project all this week….sooooo, I did start a little flag bunting string. I found the FREE pattern online. flag buntingIsn’t it the cutest?? The colors on the sample are super sweet, but I wanted to use something a little more…sophisticated?

So I went with the leftover scraps from son’s quilt. Of course it isn’t nearly long enough yet, but I did HAVE to finish that quilt so the bunting had to wait….

And now a little teaser for the release of the FREE sew along Maggie’s First Dance, in which I am a featured blogger….TADAAAHHH, here is my first block ( well, a tiny section of it anyway!)011If you want to see the entire block you will just have to come back and check on Monday, June 6th, because that’s when the first block officially gets released! And there is going to be a fabulous prize give-away again!! And the best part is that the prizes will be send anywhere, not just limited to the USA, so make sure to enter, no matter where you live! And just in case you are not signed up to receive this FREE Block of the Month, it is not too late. Just go here and sign up and join in the fun!block

Hope to see you here again on Monday!

Happy quilting 🙂



2 thoughts on “Confessions…

  1. You should be very proud of yourself, your self control is excellent. Your sons quilt and bunting are really great. What book did you buy? Thanks for sharing. Guida


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