Don’t be in such a hurry June!

Can you believe that it is almost the middle of June already?! Where did the first half go?? Heck , what happened to the end of May? My days have just been flying by! This past week our oldest son graduated from high school. ( I think he was very happy with the quilt I made him…he has been using it daily!)

The VERY next day, our youngest two started their summer vacation. So now we have to get used to a whole new routine~ one that does NOT start with a 6 am wake-up ( YAHOO!)~ but one that is going to require some “creative” thinking in order to get my work, chores, and, of the utmost importance, my quilting, done!  So far I have done pretty well…got in some sewing the last two days while our youngest was otherwise occupied. And I think the other stuff is just going to get done really early in the morning, or really late at night. 🙂

Here is a little project I decided to start just as soon as I was finished with son’s graduation quilt.  Isn’t it too cute? I couldn’t resist that gnome fabric! ( It was in my stash, I promise!)

The pattern is really simple and came out of this book:049It is all supposedly doll quilts, but the size makes them pretty perfect for little wall hangings or table toppers too. I have just the binding left to hand sew on and then it will be all done! A nice, quick, little project….just what I needed!051I do get so bored working on the same projects for a long time that it is super nice to throw in a quick something new to get the enthusiasm back up. This next week I am hoping to finish up my BLOOM quilt, and maybe my Beach Umbrella quilt too! Hopefully I will have those to show off next week! And then I REALLY need to  clean my quilt room. It is an absolute disaster and I’m not sure how much longer I can stand it! I might just have to clean that up before I do anything else… next week you might just get to see pictures of a super neat and tidy quilt room..haha.

Even though my own projects, plus being a featured blogger on Maggie’s First Dance, are keeping me plenty busy enough, I couldn’t resist this sew-along that I came across today!sew alongThe pattern can be found right here. Isn’t it adorable?! I don’t know how many blocks I’ll make, but I have to at least make this cute kitty! This is a FREE project too, so check it out and join in the fun!

Speaking of free things, the other day I was scrolling through the CRAFTSY website and they have a TON of FREE patterns and classes. I stuck a whole bunch of free patterns in my cart….because I don’t have anything else to do….yeah, right!  I just like the anticipation of starting a new project…how about you?

Until next time!

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