And the winner is….

Hey everyone,

aurifil prize boxYou have probably been waiting to hear who the June winner of the Aurifil prize box is….the winner is.…Beth T. ! This was Beth’s comment:

“I made a quilt for my favorite aunt, for her 80th birthday. It was a bowtie pattern, and I called it “Family Ties”, and it had 80 units. I loved the fabric, and as I worked on it (slowly, since I was a very new quilter), I thought about her and what a big influence she was in my life. I just love that quilt, and the interesting thing is that my sweetheart loves it too–when I finished it, he was really reluctant for me to give it away.”

Congratulations Beth and enjoy your box that will be sent directly from Aurifil in Italy. 🙂 And thank you all for your wonderful comments! Again, it was tough to choose a winner. If you didn’t win this time around, stick around for July when Jacquelynne will have another give-away. Super secret,I don’t even know what it will be, so make sure to stay tuned for the 2nd block in Maggie’s First Dance!

So, what else is new? I was hoping to get some quilts finished this past week….hmmm, didn’t quite happen. I was super busy with driving kids to and from work, and one day this week two of my boys and I got to see a fantastic production of Samson, complete with live animals( yes, doves, horses, cats, goats and even a camel!) and amazing special effects, plus a private “behind -the-scenes” tour! ( that costume shop was drool-worthy!)

I did manage to finish my very last BLOOM block..yay! 001Now I just need to sew it to my other blocks and then join that last row to the bottom of the quilt top and then I’ll be ready to add borders and backing.003I did finally get started on quilting my Oh Cherry quilt top! I mean, if I want to be able to serve lemonade on it this summer, I had better get a move on, right?!006I love this cheery quilt and am happy with the way the machine quilting is turning out too. You can find that pattern right here.

Other than that, AND working on finishing the binding on this little quilt….051I did complete this cute little stitchery pattern that I told you about last time. Isn’t he adorable??005This is a FREE sew-along and you can find the patterns right here.

Remember that flag pattern I found a few weeks back? It turned out very sweet and I used it to decorate for son’s graduation party ( where I forgot to take a picture of it!), and then I snatched it up and it is now decorating my quilt room!007

My quilt room did get a nice cleaning today too, so now I’m ready to make a mess again….hmm, what shall I make next? Or maybe I should FINISH something FIRST?!

Finally I would like to leave you with some great advice that I found in my inbox this week from my friends over at Handmade in KC. They wrote all about ways to nurture one’s creative spirit and I asked if I could share what they wrote here:

  1. Keep lists of amazing and inspiring people we meet.
  2. Hang out with happy, interesting people.
  3. Ask for feedback from people we respect & admire.
  4. Walk away from a project that’s frustrating us.  Often time and space cures what is going wrong.
  5. We embrace our mistakes – sometimes those end up our favorite creations.  At the very least they give us a good laugh.
  6. Sleep well, eat well and play often.
  7. We do something that makes us happy every day.  Even on crazy days, even if it’s just for a minute or two.
  8. Take risks with our art or projects.  We like to dream BIG and this takes us way out of our comfort zone at times.
  9. Get outside.  Walk, ride a bike, go for a run.
  10. Make lists of all our ideas: possible and impossible.
  11. Clean up our work area.  This is a big one.
  12. Attend a creative class or better yet a conference
  13. Carry a journal or sketchbook.
  14. Go to a museum, craft fair or art show.
  15. Take a trip – even if it’s local, a change of scenery is inspiring.
  16. Join an online creative challenge (ie. #yearofmaking) or create your own challenge.
  17. Embrace quiet – take time away from social media, phones, TV, music and people in general.  Giving ourselves time to think is invaluable.  Even if it’s only for 10 minutes on busy days.
  18. We recommend posting something you’ve made on social media.  The positive feedback may surprise you and will definitely motivate you.
  19. Hand-write a letter to a friend or family member on pretty writing paper.
  20. Turn off electronics for a few hours every day.  Too much time on Facebook or Pinterest take time away from making.

To read their blog post in its entirety, go here.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Congrats to Beth. Love all your blocks, I have just noticed do you quilt your blocks with just the wadding or did I miss something and if you do, how does your machine handle the wadding at the back, I would have thought it would pucker??? Then how do you add the backing fabric?? Would love to know, as the quilting is my least favorite thing, thanks for sharing, Guida.


  2. Hi Guida, I do indeed quilt my blocks with just batting on the bottom and it has never been a problem. After I quilt all my blocks, I put them together into a quilt top, then add the backing fabric and then quilt that very sparingly( usually just in the ditch between blocks). I have done most of my quilts this way for at least the past two years and have not had any problem with the quilt not looking “right” or the batting shifting. The reason why I love this method is that I have lots of ‘freedom’ to quilt my blocks in any direction, and even when I have to quilt the backing to the front and batting it is much easier because it is just simple straight lines in between rows. My favorite book that helps explain this method is Quilt as you made modern by Jera Brandvig. Hope that helps!


  3. I have Jera’s book and I second your opinion of it being a great way to learn quilt as you go the way she does it. I mostly hand quilt but her ideas are tempting me to try something different.

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