One down, many to go!

Hello again!

I do hope you have all had some time to be creative in some way or another this past week :). I have had some lovely heaps of sewing and creative time so I have lots of pictures to share today…

First of all, I finished  this cute little quilt that I started a little while back!045It was a quick and easy project, and has joined the other mini quilts on my wall that leads to the basement.043

Although it’s not quite finished, my cherry quilt binding is oh so close to being done! I of course forgot to take a picture of it in progress, but now you will just get to see it when it’s all finished….next week….I promise! I chose a red gingham for the binding and I am loving that!006

Instead of starting a NEW project this past week, I pulled out one that I had started last year:022This one is called Hideaway and I bought it from Allison at Cluck Cluck SEW. I had made all the blocks ( and they were so much fun to make!), and then had put them away…no doubt because some other project caught my eye….sigh….Anyway, no matter, I pulled those out this week and pressed and squared them up. (Have I ever shared that I am not a terribly careful quilter? I really try but that 1/4 inch seam seems to elude me, or at least my blocks are never quite the right size…so to get these blocks to be sort of close to the correct size I had to get a little heavy-handed with the starch and the iron:

By spraying lots of starch and really IRONING those blocks I was able to stretch them close to correct size. And then I had to decide how I wanted to quilt them….I thought about feathers but didn’t want the blocks to look like wreaths, so then decided to simply cross-hatch them. Look how cute they turned out! ( please excuse the stray threads, no time to clip those yet!)

Might I just say…L O V E ?  Maybe I will have a completed  quilt to show you next time! ( STOP rolling your eyes in disbelieve! I do finish projects sometimes!)

What else to share?? Oh yes. I had picked up this fabric at a flea market last year before I started my fabric diet. It is outdoorsy fabric so no good for quilts, but it had such a sweet print that it had to come home with me.027I decided to recover an outdoor pillow that was looking a bit drab….

Before………and after……much better!

While I was on a roll with my pretty fabric I decided to make a clothespin apron….I love hanging my laundry out to dry,032 but my clothespins were just stored in a shoe box…how boring, not to mention hard on the back to bend over every time to take them out. I made a super simple apron just out of doubled fabric that I sewed into a big pocket shape, and then sewed ties to it so I can wear it around my waist.  Yayyy! It works great and looks sweet too!

Other than my sewing and quilting projects I got to spend some time in the garden this week and tried to show those weeds who’s boss….so far the weeds are winning. But I did manage to snap some ( almost) weedless pictures of my flowers, AND discovered a Robin’s nest in my rose bush, very well hidden! ( photo courtesy of our second oldest son who risked life and limb to climb into those thorny bushes to snap the picture!)

My Lavender plants are looking good this year and I didn’t think the bees would mind if I snipped a few sprigs and hung them to dry, although one rather fat bumble bee was letting it be known that he did NOT want to share. Luckily I know that bees are pretty harmless so I simply told him that I had planted the flowers so I got to HAVE some of them. ( if any of my neighbors heard me, they probably think I’m a bit nuts by now…I always seem to end up talking to the critters and insects and birds!)

Well, I think that is all the sharing for this week! Did I mention that I saw this CUTE pattern over on the Moda website?header-550x660

I think I hear it calling my name……

Until next time…happy crafting!

p.s. I was on Pinterest tonight and found this great board that explains Quilt As You GO very nicely….go here to read up about it.

3 thoughts on “One down, many to go!

  1. I love the cluck cluck sew pattern – I will get around to starting mine at some point…….. sigh. I did cut some 5in squares ready to do a cathedral window quilt but the cutting was as far as I got! I need more time in the day. Maybe I could give up sleeping? Or have a host of servants and give up work? I like that idea….. In the meantime I will look at the post on machine quilting. Very helpful x


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