Happy anniversary to me!

On July 1st it will be 6 months since I started my fabric diet ( and my blog!)  And other than one teeny, tiny misstep ( ahem!~ you can read about that right here),

I have been an absolute angel about not buying one little scrap of fabric. I am very proud of myself and really it hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be.024

So WHY start a fabric diet you may ask? Well, I LOVE fabric, I ADORE fabric, and find it very DIFFICULT to pass by any fabric without buying any ( or rather, HUGE amounts). The problem is that when you have been quilting for more than 15 years, and you buy fabric practically every time you encounter some, you end up with A LOT OF FABRIC.  So I decided it was time to actually USE some of that fabric, rather than buying more and more. And I have to say that it has been fun and a bit of a creative challenge to work with only fabric in my stash, not to mention a bit of an excuse if things don’t look all that awesome together :). Of course when you are asked to participate in a Block of the Month that is a bit scary! (Will I be able to make this quilt with the amount of fabric I own ? Will I have enough beautiful fabric choices to make it work?) But then I think about all the wonderful olden days quilters that made do just with what they had, so if they could do it of course I can too!

Once in a while I venture into a quilt store because I just NEED to be with other quilters and tools and books and thread and soak up the creativity, but I try very carefully to stay away from the fabric lest it proves too tempting! ( And instead of coming home with fabric I now bring home tools and books and thread, much to my husband’s amusement).035

So am I noticing a dent in my fabric stash? Not so much, but I can definitely tell that I have been using my whites and off-whites and if I need to break my fabric diet in any way, it will be for the simple reason that I have run out of background material to use. But if I am so very close to that one year deadline  I might just be so stubborn at that point that I refuse to start any new project and simply work on all my UFO’s! We will wait and see…

004Another great by-product of my fabric diet has been the finishing up of old- and- forgotten projects! Or is that a result of starting a blog and needing to have something new to share pictures of?! Well, no matter, the blog got started because of the fabric diet, so indirectly the UFO’s are getting finished because of fabric diet too. I like the way I think 🙂

Will I continue my fabric diet when my one year is up? Hmmmmm, I would like to say “yes” because I am sure it is saving me money and we do have a boy going off to college in the Fall, but maybe I will just be a more “prudent” shopper. I don’t think I will ever become one of those quilters that buys only enough fabric to finish one project. ( I know some people like that and admire them greatly, but that is just not me) I LOVE having a riot of color to welcome me into my room, so that I can “shop” any time of day or night when the urge strikes to start a new quilt ( and believe me, that happens often!) I guess for now I will try to do my best to stay on my diet for the rest of the year and then when the new year starts I will decide which direction to go. I do hope you will continue to follow  my journey…it has been awfully fun to have “followers” to share with and I appreciate each and every one of you!

Make sure to stay tuned on July 4th for the release of the next block in Maggie’s First Dance! There will be another prize give-away and I might just have some pictures of finished quilts to share as well…..

For now I will leave you with these pictures of the flowers and wildlife in our yard:

remember that robin’s nest?

Hope to see you back here on Monday!  Until then, happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to me!

  1. I purged my stash a while back BUT the fabric is still in bins in my trunk! I always forget about it until I go to put groceries in it! Congrats on your resistance!

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  2. This is for the giveaway prize: I have several favorite colors -yellow, green, purple but it my quilts I am not fond of black


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