rebel with a quilt

In a blog post a few weeks back I asked people to share their most LOVED and most LOATHED color. The “loved” colors ranged widely, but the color orange seemed to be an overwhelmingly “loathed” color!  So I  commented and  I said I would NEVER feature an orange quilt project on  my blog. Well, I lied! I started feeling sorry for orange and searched for orange quilts on Pinterest just to see if there was any redeeming feature about that color. And you know what? I found MANY beautiful quilts featuring that dreaded orange! Just have a look at some of these beauties:


Aren’t they striking?!

Here are some more examples:9a8454b3840ad77f0220d70f54ca8d528ba4fa0843606d6e157bf1c4cc9d7ad58a207fcca346003039d9bca75fd7007d2edb101d94ca696478eeecdc048a776600fa81e3dab5715c0ffc1c0cfdf6f107Stunning, right?

I saw this little image and decided to make a quilt based off it:896fb938482b0713a0461145aad8da88 Super easy, and if you are quilter you can easily figure out the pattern and use any  size block that you want. I thought I might have a hard time coming up with orange fabrics to use, because I am not a fan of the color either, but it turns out I had 3 or 4 pieces laying around….surprised myself 🙂

Here are a few pictures of my quilt in progress….

playing with the layout of the blocks….

and here it is all finished!028


I machine quilted it in the ditch and with a wavy line on the diagonal of the blue and white blocks.034033


I am in LOVE with this sweet little quilt!

After finishing my own little orange quilt I decided to go out in nature and capture the orange things there:

(Yes, the bunny isn’t orange, but I spooked him from my bushes and he was so cute, I had to take a picture of him too!)  I really don’t remember why I disliked orange….and really, as a Dutch-born quilter I really should have an affinity for orange…it is the color the people of the Netherlands are known for…( just check out the fans at speed skating and soccer events!)

Anyway, I am getting off topic!  🙂

To see more pictures of beautiful orange quilts go visit my Pinterest page….I collected a whole bunch for you~ha:

And I think this sweet quilt might be my next inspiration:

e54f8e89fd227657730210cdc558107a (1)

Okay, I think I’m off now to do some research on another color people mentioned a few times as “loathe-worthy”..CHARTREUSE :).

images…oh boy, I don’t know if there is anything redeeming about this color…

Talk soon!

10 thoughts on “rebel with a quilt

  1. So glad to see orange has been redeemed! I actually used orange and white fabric in a recent chair makeover. You can check it out on my blog if you like. I think you will be surprised by chartreuse as well! Yay color!


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