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( if you are looking for the blog post on block 3 for Maggie’s First Dance, please click here)

Hello again! I hope you are all enjoying this week. We are FINALLY having a bit cooler weather here! The A/C has been running pretty much non-stop for the last month and I was so happy to be able to open the windows this morning and let the breeze in! I love summer, but that sticky, humid, unbearable heat day after day, week after week,  drives me batty!

Today I’d like to share a few more of my favorite books. I have collected quite a few over the years and have an extensive library of quilt books. I just love to pull them out and read them and dream up new projects! ( If you want to see more of my favorites just click the Some of My Favorite Books link at the top of the page!)

First up:

Pillows and Quilts by Jo Colwill ( a D&C publication).013The cover alone was enough to get me to buy this one! Look at those sweet colors and those adorable tiny hearts! Yes, please, I will have me some more of that! This book is filled with pillow and quilt projects, and includes applique as well as stitchery. Some of them are very detailed and others are more simple, but you can just make your project the way you want.

Next up: Quilting with A Modern Slant By Rachel May ( A Storey Publication)011I first borrowed this book from the library and decided it needed to be in my arsenal.It features oodles of different quilters, their inspiration, and their quilts, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. ( There are some tutorials and patterns in this book, but I would say it is more of a reference book).

Sweet Tweets by Erin Cox ( that Patchwork Place)010How sweet is the cover of this book? This book is FILLED with adorable mini quilts, pillows, wall-hangings and more, all featuring birds. Erin uses applique and free-motion outline stitching to make these adorable creations. I like that I can take pieces from one thing and another and create my own quilt.

Quilt and Sew Fanciful Folk Art by Miriam Gourley ( KP books)

This book is an older one but it is filled with whimsical project, from dolls to quilts, to pillows, and it is just fun to read. I love the fact that Miriam opens with the line: “If you are looking for a quilt with precise, mathematical piecework, run away now.” She is my kind of gal! Very homey and folk-artsy book!

Quilt as you Go made modern by Jera Brandvig ( Stash Books)007I am a HUGE fan of quilt as you go and Jera makes it seem so easy, plus she includes all kinds of cute patterns in this book that will inspire you to get making right away!

That’s all the book sharing I will do for now ( and before you wonder, I DO NOT get any commission from ANYONE so I’m not trying to push these in any way 😉 )

Not too much quilting has gotten done this past week either, but I am working on finishing my BLOOM quilt, finally!

I had completed the quilt top, except for the borders, but have decided I HAVE to finish it BEFORE I am “allowed” to participate in Lori Holt’s next sew along, which starts soon. This next sew-along is called Cozy Christmas and you can find more info here and the free pattern here.IMG_2164IMG_3959Isn’t it cute?? I bought the templates, but will be using my own stash ( of course!). Won’t you join me? This one is supposed to finish well before Christmas so it will be ready to be displayed then!

I did have a chance to work on some stitchery projects this past week. I am working on a project from Gail Pan’s latest book:

It will become a sweet small quilt that I can hang somewhere at Christmas. The other project I unearthed this week is this one:023I bought this as a block of the month years and years ago and got started on one section, and then forgot about it because I realized this one is going to take FOREVER! Not only is there a lot of embroidery, there are also all those blocks to construct! However, it IS the perfect project to toodle away on night after night so that it what I  have decided to do. Luckily I am almost done with the longest section of embroidery!

Check back with me in about 10 years and see if the quilt has been completed, won’t you?!

Finally I would like to share my completed dolly, who got a little mini quilt this week ( I am seriously considering only making quilts this size from now on~ so nice and fast and easy!!)

She is ready for gifting now!

Thanks for sticking with me through this very looooooong post! Have a creative week!

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