summer draws to an end…

Hello there,

It is only August 13th, so of course summer is not really drawing to an end here in the Northern Hemisphere, but to me it feels like it is because our boys will be starting school very soon! For me, the relaxed pace of no schedules, no homework, nothing to worry about IS summer, so when school starts all that is over and done with. Boohooo! I love summer and I am going to miss it a lot. ( But then Fall arrives and I LOVE Fall~ the nice cool temperatures, the changing leaves, the anticipation of Christmas….Ahhhhh 🙂 )

There has not been too much creating going on this past week. In fact, yesterday was the FIRST day this week that I made it into my quilt room at all! I have been busy helping oldest son pack up for college, shopping for supplies, and just generally getting things “organized”. He is now all packed up and ready to move in this coming week. I am very happy and excited that he gets to go off to a great college, but on the other hand I would like him just to stay home another year or two…very silly of me, but I can’t help it…I like the boy 🙂

011Luckily he won’t be too far away, so we will get to see him once in a while, but it’s just not the same as having him at the dinner table every night….okay, enough melancholy, onto the quilty stuff!

While I haven’t spent much time quilting, I have been able to make good progress on my stitcheries while watching the Olympics at night! The Christmas pattern by Gail Pan is almost completed023

and I was able to trace the next section of this quilt too.

I WAS going to finish my BLOOM quilt so that I could start the Cozy Christmas sew-along with Lori Holt on August 15th, but then I got distracted by this adorable project I found online:101795690_600_0Isn’t it the cutest?! I was only going to make 3 house blocks and the heart block and make a small wall hanging or a pillow, but I was having SO much fun putting my houses together than I decided to make a 9 block quilt!002It is a super fast project because it uses fusible web, and I’m quilting the blocks as I’m going along ( of course!)

Here is a close-up of the quilting…just right around the houses and then 1/4 away. I also free-motion stitched on the appliques.

Easy-peasy! If you would like to make this quilt, the pattern is FREE and can be found right here!

I also wanted to share an email I received this week from Martingale/That Patchwork Place. It explains about their Book Lovers program and it seems like a pretty sweet deal for all of us that love their crafty books ( who? me?!), especially now that Joann’s (a US based craft store) does not allow the use of coupons on their books anymore!) Anyway, if you want to read up more about it, go here. ( I could NOT find any info on their shipping policies to countries other than the US, so for those of you outside the USA, you might have to do a bit of detective work and see if this is a good deal for you or not!)

Finally I wanted to end with a photo of some goodies I received in the mail just today….003They are from my sweet friend who has been sending me goodies from her trip to Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. I think she knows how hard these coming weeks are going to be! Aren’t friends just the greatest?!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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