freebies and updates

Hello friend,

I wanted to share some freebies that I found around the web! There are so many great projects out there and I thought you would enjoy looking at some of these and maybe starting a project with one of them. 🙂

Top-Spin-Title-752x500This one can be found on the Moda bakeshop website. This is by no means the only quilt they have available! This site is FULL of all kinds of wonderful projects for all skill levels. Go have a look, you won’t be disappointed!

summer-funlg_1_2Isn’t this the sweetest looking pillow? The instructions can be found by clicking here.

How about a smaller project like a pincushion? This one uses wool scraps, but you could easily use some cotton and fusible web! 101315482_600_1The instructions for this are here.

There, I hope that gets you inspired to start a new project ( although if you are anything like me, you probably already have wayyyy too many projects on the go :)~ doesn’t matter, start a new one anyway!) I have to admit that I NEVER get bored because I always have another project I can turn to, if one is getting particularly monotonous.

Although we have been busy getting oldest son packed and ready for college, and started school shopping for younger two sons, I have been able to work away at a few projects here and there and should have pictures to share very, very soon! Here are a few “teasers”:


And one more:030Check back soon because I should be revealing these within the next few weeks! And while you are here “visiting”, would you mind leaving me a comment telling me what kind of creating you enjoy doing, and whether you are a novice, or an expert at your craft? I am curious to know!

Until next time!

9 thoughts on “freebies and updates

  1. I am a novice but I love to try everything, though some things turn out better than others. I’m not afraid to always try something new. I am new to your blog and love each new posting. You are very talented and have wonderful ideas.

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  2. I’m a novice at embroidery, on my learners permit for knitting (and will probably stay that way), I quilt and crochet medium to novice. Thank you for the links for the freebies. Take care.

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  3. I am always looking for a new project to put in my stash! You talking about sending your son off to college is pulling at my heartstrings- my only son/child is a senior this year. It’s already getting to me! I love your red work! Maybe I’ll do a little something to hang on the wall….

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