Forgotten projects

Hello again,

Now that our kids are back at school I am slowly getting back into a routine. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as hard as I thought to get up at 6:15! Although I have to admit I have had an urge to take a little nap an afternoon or two…

Things are cooking right along on the quilt-making front! I finished the quilt top of this sweet little quilt

from the book Christmas patchwork loves Embroidery, made by Farmhouse Quilts

and decided to get to quilting it right away so that it actually will be finished before Christmas!

I started by just quilting in the ditch around the blocks, but then decided I couldn’t leave those big embroidered sections unquilted because they would start sagging…so then I thought I could try doing a diamond grid across them….aagghhh, what if that ruined the entire look?!

made by Farmhouse Quilts

But after I finished this section I decided I really liked the look so marched onward and quilted all the other blocks in the same manner, EXCEPT I changed the size of the grid.

So smaller grid size in smaller blocks and bigger in bigger blocks. I am thrilled with how it came out! And now I am getting fancy with the borders and quilted a big scallop around the edge and am cross-hatching the outside!

This is taking a while, but hey, it is still faster than hand quilting! 🙂 I am hoping to finish the quilting on this one soon so I can share the finished quilt with you all!

Because the Christmas quilt was coming along so well, I decided to start searching for my next project….and came across this quilt top that I probably completed about 5 or 6 years ago!

It was a kit and it is foundation pieced onto muslin, so super heavy already. I remember that it was so much fun to make, but when the top was finished I didn’t know how to quilt it so left it. I still don’t know whether I want to try and wrangle this thing through my little machine, or if I want to send it out to be handquilted by some Amish ladies or what….but at least it has been unearthed and I am going to deal with it one way or another!028I also found this quilt top in the same basket:

I have a very vague memory of making this one….years ago…probably same vintage as the Indigo Log Cabin quilt. I couldn’t find the pattern, found no extra fabric, so have NO idea whether it is actually finished. I love the color combinations and might just decide that it IS in fact finished and just throw it together, quilt it, and call it done. Just in time for cuddling with this Fall when the weather turns cooler!036

Because I figured I would have LOTS of time on my hands now that the kids are back to school ( yeah, right!) I also signed up for a Craftsy class! It is taught by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts and I’m sure it is going to be great! Have you ever taken an online class? I love them because you can watch them whenever is convenient to you, and you can stop them, pause them, rewind them….anything at all. There is also no deadline as to when you have to use them by….good thing for me because I do have a few classes piled up by now….shameful, I know. Anyway, one of these days I will get to watching the first lesson and I will of course be sharing what I make right here on my blog!


Have a creative week!



11 thoughts on “Forgotten projects

  1. I am always inspired by projects that others are finishing. I love your quilts. I am putting an embroidered Christmas quilt together and I hope to be able to use it this year. I have signed up for a Craftsy class but have not had the chance to get started on it yet.


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