Dutch company

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted a new entry! I haven’t forgotten about you, but things have just been crazy around here and I just didn’t have time to write anything!

Over the weekend we had company from the Netherlands.My cousin and her husband were on vacation in the US and we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to see each other again. Some of you know that I was born in the Netherlands and moved to North America when I was a teenager. That was the last time I saw my cousin! So after 35 years we finally got to see each other again and I got to meet her husband and she met my family. We of course did all kinds of touristy stuff and had so much fun. I do hope we don’t wait another 35 years to do this again!

Before our company arrived I was of course busy getting ready with cleaning and organizing, but did sneak in  a few hours here and there to work on my dresden plates.001

Remember that I had bought this cute little template and cut out all my fabric? I wasn’t quite sure about all my fabric choices, and in the end I did end up taking some out and replacing them, and eliminating some other color groups completely ( bye bye purple, I just don’t care much for you!).

dresden plates by Farmhouse Quilts

I really like these six, and I haven’t decided if these will be turned into a table runner, or if I’ll make 3 more and make a little wall-hanging.  Stay tuned 🙂

I also managed to finish the quilting of two of my quilts AND got them photographed! Yay for me! First my Hide Away pattern quilt:002004006007I can’t begin to describe how much I love this quilt! I love the size ( perfect for cuddling with!), I love the colors ( all from my stash!), I love the weight ( so nice and warm), and I love the quilting ( by no means a perfect job, but I love it anyway). I thought I would get some nice pictures of our youngest posing with the quilt, but I don’t think modeling is his calling..hahaha

So then I called in hubby, and he DID cooperate:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Christmas wallhanging is also all done and I love this one also! This is by far the most intricate and time -consuming machine quilting I have done to date, but I say it was worth the effort!

I can’t wait to hang this one come Christmas time, and as you can see, I even got in the the Christmas spirit and pulled out some props to display with my quilt! ( I picked those goodies up at a tag sale the previous weekend when my parents visited~ My sister made the adorable sock snowman from a youtube video she found last year!)038040042043

So with all this company and other happenings I haven’t even had a chance to step foot in my quilt room. Maybe this coming week life will be a little less busy and I can work on my Dresdens OR start a new project…….ooohhhh, I am feeling a little rebellious!

Ands speaking of being too busy, I totally forgot to announce the winner of September’s prize give-away from Jacquelynne Steves’ Maggie’s First Dance!.I asked  you to let me know which season was your favorite and boy, some of you were so poetic and lyrical! I loved reading all your answers ( I did find that poor Winter is very un-loved, much like the color orange~haha). Anyway, I could only choose one winner and the winner was…


This is what she wrote:

“For me it is a very close race between Spring and Fall. Spring is just so beautiful with trees and flowers beginning to bloom and the air is still a bit crisp from winter. And Fall! The colors of changing leaves are amazing…there is such variety in all the beautiful colors. And with Fall the days are not as hot and the evenings are so pleasant. Both seasons provide such wonderful inspiration for quilting.”

Congrats Patricia. Your prize is on its way to you!

Well folks, here is hoping that wherever you are, you are enjoying life and getting  some crafty time to yourselves! Until next time!

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