Fall is here…and a winner!

Hello there,

Since I last blogged, Fall weather has definitely arrived! Even though the trees really haven’t turned color yet, there is a definite “Fall feel” in the air. Now we need a jacket to walk the dogs, and the leaves are starting to collect on the lawn a bit more. I think Fall might be my favorite season! I love the chilly mornings and evenings, plus the smell of the neighbor’s wood fire burning. It is such a cozy time of year, leading up to an even cozier time of year 🙂

I hope for those of you who are sewing along with Maggie’s First Dance that your blocks went together quickly and easily. I have already seen some pictures of finished quilt tops. My, those folks were fast! Guess I better get my act in gear and start putting mine together soon. 🙂

I loved reading about all the projects you are all hoping to finish before the holidays! Some of you are well ahead of the game with just a binding left to do, while others haven’t even started. I try very hard NOT to plan to make gifts for others that have a deadline, because I am a shiny object girl and I KNOW I will get distracted by some different project before too long. But this year I am lucky, because someone needed a sample to photograph so I volunteered to do a table runner with some Christmas stitcheries. Well, they needed that sample last week to take photos and such, and this week it’s already on its way back to me. ALL I have to do is quilt it and bind it and I will have one hand-made gift all ready to go! Yay for me! Want a sneak peek? theartofhomecluboct2016preview-1That is all I can show you, otherwise it won’t be a fun surprise for the person who I am making this for!

Okay, so I’m sure you would like to know who the winner was of those fabulous patterns that were the prize for October’s giveaway?!unnamed-2And it is…………Anne H.!  This is what Anne wrote:

“I am working on quite a few things – but finished before Christmas? I have two things: I belong to a charitable quilting group. We challenge each other and I am to make about 20 small (30X30 up to 36X36) Christmas fabric quilts for the children in the hospital on Christmas day. I drag a few friends in to help. The other project I need to finish is a baby quilt, table runner and some pot holders before the church bazaar in November. Thanks for the giveaway.”

Congratulations Anne, I have emailed you and your prize will be on its way to you soon!

If you didn’t win this time, no worries! Like I promised in my last post, I am going to be holding my very own giveaway for every one of my very own followers! I had so much fun going and choosing some prizes, and can’t wait to play Santa , so stay tuned for that. ( and of course it will be OPEN to EVERYONE,  EVERYWHERE!~ I love my international followers!)

Anyway, not too much productivity on this end ( see tablerunner comment above~ha!), but I did make a few more of these sweet blocks from a pattern that came in my Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop. ( I couldn’t stand not being part of the fun; I just had to join in :0)

Farmhouse Quilts

AND I worked a little bit on the Cozy Christmas sew-along that Lori Holt is doing right now. I had finished all the “inners” of the blocks, and now am busy working on the “outers”, and some embroidery.003Cozy Christmas blocks by Farmhouse Quilts004Next time I will share some more detail about the color choices and such! Until then, have a creative week!


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