Maggie’s farewell

Hello there,

This is the final time that I will see many of you here, as Maggie’s First Dance is almost finished. I hope you all had so much fun and enjoyed the process! It sure has been a lot of fun for me as featured blogger to get to know so many new people!

I have been working like mad to get my version done on time! I of course got distracted by other projects and had to really work my fingers to the bone these last few days to get it done….that’s what you get for procrastinating 🙂

Anyway, here is a little recap of photos I took along the way….being on a fabric diet meant I had to use what was already in my stash so these were my fabric choices:033You’ll notice that some of those fabrics never did make it into the quilt, and others were added instead. Here are some pictures of the blocks in progress:

Here are some of the blocks:013Some pics of the quilt while in the final stages ( with helpers underfoot of course!)

And some detail pictures, including a LABEL! ( I have been VERY bad about adding labels to my quilts in the last few years~ this one got one!)

Because I quilted my blocks as I went along, I changed the borders just to make it easier on myself.So  I quilted each of the blocks individually and then sewed the red and floral border together and quilted that. The corner blocks are different too, because I really wanted to bring back some more colors in those. I am very happy with how it turned out! The seams don’t all match up, and some of my star points got lopped off, but when I look at my quilt it makes me happy and that is all that counts, right?!

And here is the final quilt!014

Please make sure to post pictures of your quilts on Jacquelynne’s facebook page or in her Sew Quilty friends group so that I can see yours too!

Okay, time for the prize give -away! Our prize is sponsored by  Kari from New Leaf Stitches. Please visit her at

To enter to win just leave a comment on this post telling me how far along you are with YOUR version of Maggie’s First Dance. ( There is no shame here…if you haven’t even started that is just fine too!)

This contest will close at midnight on November 14th so make sure to enter before then! I will announce the winner right here, but will also send you an email. ( Contest is open to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!)

ALSO…are you ready for this?! Jacquelynne will be having a GRAND PRIZE GIVE-AWAY on her blog on November 28th, worth over $ 100!! Woohooo! Just look at all these goodies:unnamed-5So please make sure to visit her blog around that date and enter to win that Grand Prize! Good luck!

And don’t forget to visit all the other bloggers to see their final versions and for more chances to win!

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Well, I guess this is goodbye. If you would like to sign up to receive my blog posts in your inbox about once a week, I would be happy to have you! Just sign up on the right hand side of this page. Have a creative week!



218 thoughts on “Maggie’s farewell

  1. I haven’t started either 😦 I have a fairly good reason though, I’m currently in the process of purchasing my first flat and during this time my tenancy in my rented flat expired therefore have been couch surfing with all my sewing in storage 😦

    Hopefully this nightmare is almost over!

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  2. I have not started yet, but have managed to collect all the block patterns. I fell some time ago and broke my right writs which makes sewing pretty difficult. Surgery in the near future will make it all better but there is still the physical therapy involved. I love the background in your block centers and the border fabric could not have been more perfect. Hope to get mind done in the coming year (after the wrist is better) because it is super cute!

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  3. I love your version of Maggies First Dance. I was going along well, but have hit a bump in the road so everything is complete except the final joining together. This is the second quilt by Jacquelynne that I have done. The Cozy afternoon actually was one of the bumps as I finally quilted t and finished it off. Pleased with it. Not as flash as Jacquelynne has hers done but all my own work which is an asset. Would love to be a winner as I have never won anything but as a result I can truthfully say everything I do or own is all my own hard work and perseverance.

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