My 60th post!

Wow, I cannot believe that I have published 59 posts already this year and today marks the 60th. That is worth a celebration, don’t you think?!  How I come up with what to write  is a mystery….some days I figure I should share a blog post, but have really nothing much to write about, and fwoop, before you know it I have written way too much already 🙂

This week I have a few new things to share… My absolute favorite season, Christmas, is coming up! I adore Christmas and everything associated with it! I love the smells, sounds , sights…. absolutely EVERYTHING. I used to restrain myself and not start decorating until after son number 2’s birthday on December 15th. I figured the day had to feel special and “birthday-ee” and not Christmassy…..buuuttttt, that only left me 10 days to enjoy the decorating and the anticipation, so we decided that I could decorate for Christmas starting December 1st. ( I think Son 2 still feels celebrated on his special day!). But the more decorations I acquired, the less time I had to decorate the house with them, sooooo….now I start decorating right after Thanksgiving! Our kids groan, but I don’t care. I will happily start playing my Christmas carols and put up my decorations one by one, until the whole entire house ( and the outside!) is properly Christmas-fied! Just a little over  a week to go now…….

Anyway, I digress…( see, I get distracted here as well as in my quilting endeavours!). A few weekends back I convinced hubby that we needed to pick up a few Christmas presents at Homegoods. What the poor man didn’t realize was that I really needed an excuse to go see what they had because I had seen an ad for European- type decorations. I was not disappointed! They had all kinds of wonderful Scandinavian inspired items and I had so much fun admiring everything, and sticking a few items in my cart along the way. ( If you follow me on Pinterest you will notice that I have both a Dutch and an Everything Scandinavian Board). Anyway, I am still not getting to the point *sigh*. I ended up picking up these adorable gnomes/elves/whatever you want to call them.

gnomes at home at farmhousequilts


Don’t you just love them? They crack me up, with their giant hats and big beards and no eyes! So, they inspired me to design a little gnome quilt, and these are some pictures of it in progress…I decided to use up some scraps and got right to work on my design:

When the background was done I drew up my gnome design and constructed him…030and then he got added to the quilt, along with some ( in my opinion) Scandi-looking hearts.031Then I got busy outlining the gnome and the hearts in black thread and quilted the entire quilt…033Some double bubbles in one side, some meandering around the hearts, and bricks on the opposite side.035I had so much fun machine-quilting this one! ( I have to admit that since I got my machine almost 2 years ago, we have had a bit of a battle going on when it came to free-motion quilting. This past week we finally came to a peaceful understanding~ha!)

Here is the quilt all ready to be trimmed and cleaned up, add a few little red buttons for holly berries and then just add the binding and voila, it will be done!

Soooo, seeing as I was on a gnome “kick” if you like, I happened to see this ad in a craft magazine so bought some supplies to make myself some more gnomes, this time in 3-D format!15094236_10154690659560522_8960558755498147551_n And here is gnome number 1:

038Awww, so sweet, right?! So I had to make more!

And that STILL wasn’t enough, so I made gnome number 3!049Can’t you just eat them up? They are sooo cute! I joked with my sister that instead of becoming known as ‘the crazy cat lady”, I will be the crazy gnome lady! Anyway, if you are just as enamored by these little guys as I am, here is the link to the tutorial: I really didn’t follow the tutorial much, except for to figure out how they did the hat, so yours will look different from mine if you follow the tute. Have fun!

Oh no! I had so much more I wanted to share and this post is already way too long! Next week I will share more about these fun projects and I will share a tutorial! Until then, happy creating!

16 thoughts on “My 60th post!

  1. I absolutely love your quilt! It is simply fabulous! Those gnomes have stolen my heart and now I have to add them to my “must make” list. 🙂 So much fun!

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      1. Yes, it did go well! I was impressed with the college. He wants to go to one in Florida, so that’s next to visit! Thank you for asking. 🙂

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  2. Hi there. I love Christmas too! I would decorate my whole house in Red and Green and keep it up all year! This year we are moving the middle of December so no decorations this year (boo hoo) but I will make up for it next year . . . I think I can see little gnomes popping up this next year (LOL). Loved your post!!! Have a blessed day!

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  3. Congratulations on your 60th post! I enjoyed your post very much.
    I love your gnome dolls. They’re so adorable! Great job making them so quickly.
    And your quilt is really beautiful. I’m sure your family will have a wonderful Christmas:)

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  4. Congratulations on your 60th blog post – well done! Love the gnome quilt – it’s fabulous. As for the Christmas decorating – I start mine the 1st December and I think I’m being very restrained by waiting until then. The kids think I have some issues – I think they have no soul!! x

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  5. Your gnomes are the cutest Christmas accessory ever! I just want to peek under their hats and see their eyes…but I won’t! Their crooked hats are the best part. Thanks for sharing!

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