Holiday time…and a tutorial

Hello friends and Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the States!

I thought I’d fit in a quick blog post, because otherwise I won’t get to it until next week! In my experience the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas just fly by and I don’t want to forgo my blog!

First of all, I want to announce the winner of the last prize on the Maggie’s First Dance sew-along: Bev Baker! Bev wrote that she has been so busy taking care of a sick friend that she hasn’t really had time to work on Maggie’s quilt. I was happy to pick her name and hope that the prize will help her catch up once she has some more spare time! Congrats, Bev! Your prize is on its way to you 🙂

I was glad to finish up my Maggie, because my room sure became a pig-sty during that marathon finishing-up session:

It was amazing I could find anything at all! High time to tidy up, which I did and I must say it was SO nice to see my table tops again!

It of course did not stay tidy for long, but it doesn’t look THAT bad yet…just wait until after my marathon Christmas session that I’m sure I’ll be having!

I am happy to say that my Cozy Christmas blocks are coming along very nicely! I have just one block left to quilt, and then I can start putting the quilt top together, layer it on the backing, some more quick quilting, then binding, and voilá, DONE! I think that I should be able to get it done, unless I get distracted by some other cute project……

Speaking of which…hahahaha….a few weeks ago hubby and I visited this cute little antique store where I picked up this adorable mini ironing board.054I thought it would be a cute photo prop so it came home with us. But while at the shop, I also saw this adorable little fabric skate attached to a runner. I have no idea who made it, there were no tags or anything, but I’m pretty sure it was not an antique. ANYWAY, when I came home and decided that I needed to make me some of those skates and this is what I came up with:

So cute, don’t you think?!  The whole process is really pretty simple and if you are interested I have put a tutorial up ( just go to the top of this page, click the MENU button  and look under “tutorials”. I am providing the pattern right here: skatepattern.

Okay, well, I’m off….even though I made most of my dishes yesterday ( the stuffing, the sweet potatoes, the mashed potatoes, the pecan pie, the pumpkin pie, and the apple cake~PHEW!) I still need to make my rolls. Luckily hubby looks after the turkey, gravy and squash! Enjoy your time with family and friends if you are celebrating, and if not, I hope you will go do some crafty things!

Until next time!




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