My favorite season is here!

After a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving,  with oldest son home

the Blues Brothers!

from college for an entire week( it was SO nice to have him right here with us, and a little hard to bring him back to college again!), it is time to start preparing for my most favorite season: Christmas. I have mentioned before that I love everything about the Christmas season….the decorating, the presents, the sounds, the smells, the sights…ahhhhh, it is just all so wonderful and magical!

The outside of our house is pretty much all done, thanks mostly to hubby and sons, who strung Christmas lights, and hauled out light-up reindeer, as well as wreaths for the windows, and an AMAZING giant inflatable Santa! ( I like to say that our house looks classy by day ~ the wreaths and the greenery, and tacky, but oh so child-friendly at night~ the giant inflatable Santa, as well as a laser show light that projects red and green swirls onto the house!)

On the inside not too much has been done yet, but I did place a sweet little tree in my quilt room and decorated it with (mostly) Scandinavian-looking ornaments. My gnomes are proudly keeping it company!

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I also strung some twinkling lights in between my shelves so my room is a true cozy spot to spend time in these days!008009

I also finished my gnome quilt

and it is hanging in our hallway, so Christmas is slowly creeping in here and there. I am happy to say that I also finished quilting my Cozy Christmas sew-along quilt and just finished the binding on it so it will definitely be hanging in time for Christmas! ( Someone had asked me to post a tutorial about Quilt As You Go, which is my go to method these days,  and I am working on writing a post about that so stay tuned!) Here is my finished quilt, along with some close-ups of some of the blocks:

Can I just say that I LOVE my quilt?! I think it is so cute and adorable! I’m thinking I might have to add some pillows made with those same templates….If you have been following my progress on this one, you will notice that I decided to swap out the “x’s” for eyes, and used little black buttons instead. The x’s just looked like the snowman, reindeer, and gingerbread man had died and who wants dead things on their Christmas quilt, right?! My quilt looks quite different from the original….

Cozy Christmas by Lori Holt

but mine works well for me and my space…PLUS I used up lots of scraps! I am trying to decide it I still have time to squeeze in another little Christmas project…I am thinking this little Gingerbread boy would look awfully cute on a quilt or a table runner…

hmmm, I will ponder the possibilities while I enjoy my mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream and chocolate flakes ( Oh yes, I like to go all out and really make myself a fancy cup once in a while!)017Maybe by next week I will have a new project to share! In the meanwhile I hope you all are getting into the spirit of the season and enjoying some cozy evenings…let me know in the comments what you are working on these days…I would love to know and it doesn’t have to be quilt related!

Until next time!

6 thoughts on “My favorite season is here!

  1. Just wondering is your quilt hangar purchased or home grown? We’re moving to a new house and I get to have a display area for quilts that I can change out all the time. Looking for something kinda of unique and cute at the same time. Any suggestions of companies that specialize in cute hangers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much and have a blessed day,

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  2. Everything looks so festive! Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I’ve never thought about decorating my work space. That would make Christmas sewing even more fun! Love the coffee mug!

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