a Christmas giveaway and a confession…

Hello again,

I think I predicted in last week’s blog post that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas just WHOOSH by and that they are crazy busy and I was right….

I know it is still the early part of December, but I’m already starting to stress over what all needs to get done in the next couple of weeks…crazy, right?! Are you like that too? I don’t even know what seems to be eating up all my time these days, other than the usual errands and activities, but somehow a little “time-monster” seems to be sneaking in and stealing many hours from my days! Every morning I tell myself that I will pull out a few more decorations, and every evening I plop into bed exhausted, having done NO decorating of any kind….I think next year I will start in October! 🙂

How about you? How are you getting along with your shopping/baking/ decorating? Better than me, I hope!

Ofcourse it doesn’t help one little bit that I keep getting distracted by cute little crafts and projects that I think I can sneak in here and there! Here are just a few examples of adorable projects that I have stumbled across this past week:

image from Facebook

The link on how to make these is right here:  I ofcourse had to run right out and buy a pompom maker and felt and already made one to hang on a gift! My son is also enamored by these and wants to make a bunch to give his teachers. ( Which I think is just the sweetest because he is about to turn 17 and how many 17 year old boys give Christmas presents to their teachers??)


Here is another cute project I found:

This is a cooperative sew along with Gail Pan ( whom I LOVE!) and some other ladies. The blocks are SO cute, but just be aware that the instructions are in centimeters so those of us  who are used to inches have to convert a bit. Gail’s block can be found right here.

And don’t even get me started on all those yummy recipes that seem to land on my Facebook feed every few minutes….I would like to make them ALL, but here are just some of the highlights:

image taken from FB

I love fudge, and to find a link to 25- plus recipes seems like heaven! Click right here to go to  this blog post!

There is no recipe to go with these cookies, but I’m sure any old Gingerbread or Sugar Cookie recipe would do. But just look at the ART on these!!

image from Brambleberry Cottage via Facebook

I don’t think I could stand to eat one and ruin it, but they would make such pretty ornaments!

Another project that has kept me entertained this past week is my very own gingerbread quilt. I told you that my little Gingerbread ornament 021was inspiring me to make a quilt and this is what I have so far:

I just have to finish making the alternate blocks and maybe add a border and then it will be practically done! I will share more details about this quilt in the next few weeks…as usual my blog post is getting too long already!

I do have one little confession to make before I get to  my give-away…….I …….bought …..fabric……BOOOOOHOOOO…..but I made it SO close and I think I have been SO very good this past year, so I’m not going to feel that guilty. ( It was very fun by the way and I do have an excuse: I wanted to make my Gingerbread  quilt and needed to have browns~never mind that I had plenty of browns already, and never mind that some other colors snuck in there too!)004So because it is so close to Christmas I thought I would have another give-away. My giveaways are OPEN to EVERYONE so please enter to win! This is what I am giving away this month: 015It is a pattern by Fig Tree Quilts ( I do love Joanna’s designs!) and it is a mini quilt called Star Crossed. I love the colors on the sample quilt, don’t you?! All you have to do to enter to win this pattern is to leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite treat is around the holidays. This give-away will close when I post my next blog, sometime next week,  so leave your comment now! 🙂

Until next time!



42 thoughts on “a Christmas giveaway and a confession…

  1. HI, this was one of your most fun posts ever! Loving all those ‘sweet recipes’ out there right now! the COOKIES you show our SO ADORABLE! THANKS for your nice giveaway too! MERRY CHRISTMAS !

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  2. I have not started any baking yet!!! and I better get on, ’cause I give away dozens and dozens!! I refuse to learn to make fudge, because I have NO self control around fudge!!!

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  3. I hope you get your quilt done! I have one from 1980’s I still need to finish, I thought I had time! I want to say thank you for the chance give away. My favorite treat is making a cranberry w/cherry Jello, nuts, pineapple and marshmallow w/sour cream topping.

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  4. Your projects are so sweet, I think you have been really good all this time in not buying fabric. So you are entitled to a little gift for being “a good girl”. We haven’t done anything at all, we will be moving house in the next month, so decorating or sewing is out of the question. Please leave me off the giveaway list, I wont have time and I live too far away. Have a lovely time prior to Christmas. Wishing you and your family a great Christmas and New Year, I look forward to seeing your posts in the New Year.

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  5. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing all of the ideas and inspiration. I hope to do a little baking and the first thing will be Molasses cut out cookies with glaze. I have been trying not to buy fabric latelly with all of the great sales going on but it is one of the hardest things to do. Merry Christmas!

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  6. My favorite treat is anything containing coconut- pie, candy, German chocolate cake, etc. I’m not doing too well with decorating yet, either. Just got back from a cruise to Hawaii and my excuse is that I’m still on island time!

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  7. VMy favorite Christmas delight is homemade mounds candies. They are even better than the store bought version. I love reading your blog and I totally agree about the time thing. Thanks for a chance to win. Hope you have a great Christmas.

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