Happy Birthday, dear Farmhouse Quilts!

Today marks EXACTLY one year from my very first post here on Farmhouse Quilts! When I wrote that first post I had no clue what I was doing ( still not sure that I do now :0), and certainly had no idea if I would get any followers, or even if I would be able to write about my quilting life for a whole year.  But here we are, one year later, and it has been SO MUCH FUN! My blog gives me joy like almost nothing else can, and it certainly has been a great encouragement in getting projects finished. After all, a quilty blog better have some pictures of quilts! So thank you SO MUCH for following along, and for your kind comments, and for your encouraging feedback!! I appreciate it very, very much!

paper piecing

I thought it might be fun to look back at some of the projects I shared this year…I was a little surprised at how much I actually managed to get done! After all,  I am the queen of UFO’s~ ha!

farmhouse quilts blog
graduation quilt for oldest son

Pretty good show of finished ( well, most of them are finished anyway :0) projects, don’t you agree?! Now shall I show you the photos of projects that I DID NOT finish? Nawww, I will just be proud of what I DID accomplish and I will work away at those others and then share those with you this coming year…deal?

I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope to see you back here in 2017!


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, dear Farmhouse Quilts!

  1. Loved the show of progress in one year! Now you know we will expect a few of those tops to be finished and on a bed? I have four to do myself in 2017. Have a Happy New Year!

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  2. You made some wonderful projects and so many too. I look forward to seeing all the future projects in 2017. Happy New Year and Happy Blog Birthday. Thanks for your great inspiration.

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