hello 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing holiday, with maybe a bit of crafting time thrown in?! Our holidays went way too fast for my liking. But I am doing my best to hold onto the season a little longer by REFUSING to take down any Christmas decorations YET….And those cute little twinkling fairy lights that hubby very kindly draped over the top of my kitchen cabinets might just stay up all year 🙂018

2016 was the year that I decided to go on a “fabric diet”, and I must say I did pretty well, all the way up to November or early December when I just could NOT take it anymore, and I HAD TO HAVE some  new fabric.025 Oh well, I am just going to be proud of all those times I did resist the urge ( now if only I could find that will power when it comes to chocolate!)

So in 2017 I want to give myself a new challenge and I think I have come up with a good one: I am going to try and make one project out of each quilt book I own. Well, seeing as I own hundreds ( yes, really) of quilt books, that would be a little ambitious, but you get the gist….rather than buying yet another quilt book, or downloading another pattern, I am going to TRY to just make things from books /patterns I already own.

What do you think? Want to join me? And do you think we can do it?? Of course we can….I’m pretty sure….probably…..maybe…..(hey, it can’t possibly be as hard as a fabric diet, can it?)

While I have loved having my blog and being able to share my photos of projects with you, I have not liked the fact that I cannot see YOUR projects. You describe them to me, but I am a visual person, I need to SEE what you are working on. So I started a Facebook group called Friends of Farmhouse Quilts. captureThis will be a place where we can ALL post pictures, or ask questions, or offer advice. And this is not just for quilters! After all, you know that I get sidetracked by cute little pompom gnomes, and little fabric skates, and yummy recipes, so really, ANYTHING that you love creating has a place in my group! (This is a closed group, meaning that you will have to ask to join, and after I approve you, you will get a notification that you have been added. I am hoping that by doing it this way we will not be bothered by annoying spammers.) I do hope that you will join me! Groups can be such a fun community to be part of and I hope ours will be great!

With Christmas and holidays and birthdays and family being home, I have not had a chance to start ( or even finish) many projects. I was kept busy most of December with a sample I was making for someone. It took a LOT more of my time than I was anticipating and it turned out really cute and I’m proud of it, but now I’m glad that it’s done and I can work on MY projects again 🙂

My poor little Gingerbread guys are still waiting to get finished….

I really should do that, because otherwise they will be put away and forgotten about and I think they are too cute to have that happen!

My hubby gifted me this Kaffe Fassett book

for Christmas, as well as these Fat Quarters and I was inspired to start an english  paper piecing project with them.

Pie and Tarts by Sue Daley

The pattern ( plus paper pieces and acrylic templates ) I bought years and years ago. This is  a Sue Daley design ( Patchwork with Busyfingers) called Pie and Tarts Quilt and you make as many Pies ( the big ones) and Tarts ( the small ones) as you want and then applique them on your background fabric. This is something that I can do while watching TV at night and should keep me PLENTY busy. I have not much accomplished so far, but here is a little hint of what is going on. 040Luckily I also received a small rotary cutter, and already had a rotating cutting mat, so that is making the process of cutting out the shapes super easy and fast. I also picked up this book about English paper piecing,  to REALLY learn all the ins and outs of the process.

Stay tuned for updates on this project!

Well, that about wraps up all my news 🙂 Please DO consider joining my Facebook group to post YOUR projects there.  I would love to see you there!

Until next time….happy creating!


7 thoughts on “hello 2017!

  1. Poor gingerbread guys… giggle. I’ve been on a fabric diet for the last 10 years, but you would never notice it. I’ve failed miserably, but have gorgeous fabrics for my estate sale…LOL. Love you EPPing pattern.

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  2. I love the idea of hanging on to the Christmas a bit longer. I am a Christmas bauble addict, I tried not to buy any this year but I buckled and so bought 5 new ones (they were on sale..haha my excuse), I figure if you are going to be naughty then be really naughty. Your little gingerbread men are too cute not to finish, you can just hear their little cries “finish me Monique please!!!), how is that for encouragement?
    I’m hoping to take a couple of classes on EPP as I have a bucket list I would love to tick off…. wait for it…. its the “Millefiori” quilt, to be realistic mine will be the “placemat”. I would have to live to be 150 to do the quilt. Love your Xmas present from hubbie. Take care. Cant wait to see all the lovely things on facebook.

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