In the meadow….

Winter has hit our neck of the woods…finally. We had no snow for Christmas, but after New Year’s  we had a couple of days of snow, and then the COLD  and the WIND came…..Brrrrr! I love snow and think no winter is complete without some snow, but this nasty and miserable weather, just cold and blowy, with no sunshine OR even enough snow to build a snowman is terrible. It makes me not want to venture outside AT ALL. Unfortunately  we need groceries, and kids need to get to school, and dogs need exercising…I don’t have a choice but to go out. But what I would really like to do is hole up inside in front of my little fireplace and sew the day away while sipping away on hot cocoa 🙂039

All this wintry weather did turn my attention to snowmen….I love snowmen, don’t you?! I knew I had made a few snowy- folk- inspired quilts over the years so went on the hunt for them. Out with the Christmas quilts and in with the Winter  quilts….might as well admit defeat. So after a bit of hunting I found these:

The first one came from a book by Kim Schaefer called Calendar Quilts.

 The second and third one were my own design, purely based on some fabric inspiration. You can see these basic snowmen shapes in the alternating block fabric. I  really liked their blobby shape and so decided to model mine after the fabric ones:029

You can see how the tall skinny one became this one…

farmhouse quilts

The medium one031became this one:

farmhouse quilts

And the really short, fat one, with the hat,034 became this one:

farmhouse quilts

Super simple, right?!

This last one my friend Colleen made for me a few years back:

Cute little snowball blocks with sweet little faces made out of buttons, snaps, and a little fabric nose!  Looking at all these adorable little snowmen is making me want to make some more! But how many snowman quilts does one REALLY need? Hmmmm, maybe a snowman pillow?? I found the FREE link to this one 15965357_10154219264838443_3501528156592010972_nright here. Or maybe I should stop procrastinating and get back to sewing some Pies and Tarts? 035Did I mention that I am not enjoying working on these? I find that curved shape VERY tricky, and getting the paper shapes out is frustrating because my Pies want to undo! I did get one done and appliqued ( by machine!) to the background block.


I like it, and am envisioning a whole quilt made out of pies of all kinds of crazy color combinations. But I am not sure if I will have the patience to wrangle those Pies into submission….we will see…In the meanwhile I have EPP-ed some more shapes and am in the process of sewing together another Pie. I am not giving up YET!044What about you? Any fun ( or frustrating ) projects you are working on? If you haven’t already, I would love for you to join my new Facebook group!  ( You can find the signup link on the right-hand side of this page). This is a place where YOU can post YOUR pictures and projects and it has been so fun for me to interact more with some of you there! Please consider joining in, and remember, you don’t have to be a quilter at all ( as a matter of fact, I posted a picture of an apple pie I was making ;))15825988_10154872953560522_6771426915378428668_n Every  kind of creative person is welcome, and we are all creative!

Until next time, stay warm!


8 thoughts on “In the meadow….

  1. Thank you for that link, I love your little snowmen and would also love the recipe for the apple pie please. Your EPP blocks are looking really good. Take care and keep warm.

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  2. I must say, those snowmen are adorable, and thankyou for the cushion link 🙂 it doesn’t snow here, not is Christmas in winter, but I still love cute snowmen 😉 oh and am also loving your facebook group – great idea 🙂

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