Maybe I need a TIME OUT!

Hello again,

Sometimes it is hard to fit in creative time when you have  home/family/job responsibilities, don’t you find? I don’t know about you all, but I can get awfully CRANKY when I don’t get in some creative ME time, so I figure it is for the good of everyone involved that I lock myself away for a few minutes ( ahem,  hours) and create. Call it a creative TIME OUT. So good for the soul. I am pretty lucky in that my kids are all in school or at work, plus I get to set my own work -from- home hours, so I do have quite a few hours to get stuff done. And sometimes I just decide that yeah, my- floor- needs- mopping, but- right- now- I -need -to- do- some- sewing- instead- and -the -mopping- can- wait- until- tomorrow. Of course I usually end up sneaking in some laundry, or dinner prep , or playing  with the dog, because who could resist this face??

Who could resist this pleading look?

How about you? How do YOU fit in creative time?

I told you last week that my sewing mojo had gone AWOL. Cleaning up my room and creating a new design board

design wall in use

has certainly been helpful in bringing it back a little bit, but not quite to the extent that I would like it to be.  My friend Colleen suggested I throw EVERYTHING out of my room and start ALL over to get my mojo back~ don’t think I’m quite that desperate yet!(…..although that would allow me to paint that room a color other than WHITE!~Hmmmmm, something to think about, for sure!) Speaking of Colleen, she sent me the funniest and most appropriate plaque for my birthday!012SO funny, right?! My daughter suggested that I get a whole bunch of these and dot them all over my room :D. Not a bad idea at all…if I had any wall space left..hahaha.

So anyway, you are probably waiting to see if I actually made anything this past week that I could share here….the answer is yes, but it was rather a pitiful attempt: I had shared a photo of these adorable hearts that I found on the internet in the Facebook group 029-copyand used an old cutter quilt to make a few creations of my own. My quilt had Dresden Plates on it so wasn’t quite as colorful as these examples, but still pretty cute.

First I made a couple of stuffed hearts…

Heart decoration by Farmhouse Quilts
heart pincushion by Farmhouse Quilts

and then made some flat ones….16265773_10154945367875522_2539049596107646422_n

hearts from old quilts

Definitely a fun way to spend some time! ( the heart on the left I actually bought a bunch of years ago, but it fit the theme so it went in the pic too).

Other than the hearts, I did spend this week working on a gift quilt.

It is looking rather busy and crazy but I hope it will bring the recipient some joy and cheer.

Next week I am planning on sharing a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day projects! I have been scouring the web for cute ideas and have found some great ones! I will also share some of my own creations then. In the meanwhile, if you can’t wait, I have been pinning Valentine ideas on my Pinterest board so you can go check that out.

Until next week…happy creating!


8 thoughts on “Maybe I need a TIME OUT!

  1. I make a deal with myself, vacuum, mop, water garden, etc in the morning then I get to spend the afternoon sewing, quilting, embroidering, knitting or whatever. I spent a pleasurable afternoon cutting out some Splendid Sampler blocks (I am so far behind) and the latest Solstice block.

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    1. Yes, I TRY to do that too…get the not-so-fun things out of the way and then reward myself with something crafty….it just doesn’t always work out that way~Ha!
      And I would love for you to post pictures of your blocks in the FB group!


  2. I’ve been noticing across the ‘blogs’ that many people are in the same situation. And I think it’s because of coming out of the holidays, dealing with the weather and it being a new year but the slates not clean to find that mojo. I’ve been noticing alot of cleaning and reorganising of sewing rooms, making a real personalised inspirational calm place, finding a word or mantra to stick to, getting through all of those stacked up UFOs, and people learning and trying something different and new…seeing all of this is actually inspirational to me to get in and do stuff

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  3. I’m hoping to finish some UFO’s this year, yes I get crabby when I don’t get some quiet time, but life always steps in to make sure I get even less. Never mind things will quiet down soon and then it will be “my crafting time”. Take care.

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