A clean slate

Do you remember that I complained about having lost my sewing mojo after the holidays? I tried re-organizing my room and even installed a new and improved design board. That helped a little bit, but I was still lacking that feeling of utter content and love that I usually feel when the opportunity to quilt presents itself. My friend had jokingly suggested that maybe I needed to clean out my entire room, and that is exactly what I did earlier this week! My room had gotten completely out of hand. There were piles of stuff everywhere, and I didn’t have one horizontal space to work on.

16681774_10154995820570522_9108470465593417532_nIt was BAD! So ย one sunny afternoon, I tuned into my favorite radio station ( it plays hits from the 70’s and 80’s~ yes, ย ABBA and the Bee Gees and Foreigner and Air Supply!) and folded fabric, and sorted scraps, and pulled out furniture, and found long-forgotten treasures, and even a few quilts that are so close to being done, I do not know why I never finished them!

It actually took me 2 days to finish the job properly, but it feels sooooo good, and I definitely have my mojo back now! YAHOO!

And remember those forgotten projects? Some of them I think I will make into pet beds and bring to a local shelter, but others I deemed cute enough to warrant a finish, like this happy Spring-y one:

I gave it a quick, wavy machine quilt, and then decided to BIG stitch quilt a scallop pattern in the border. I really like how it turned out and I LOVE how fast big stitches go! Now I just need to bind this baby and it’s ready to decorate a little table for Spring and Easter!

Here is another table runner I found….the fabrics and colors are a bit more crazy, but I’m sure I can find a spot for it somewhere!

Hopefully I will get to this one today! I also found a (smallish) stack of quilts that need to be finished machine and hand quilting.img_2209Maybe if I leave them laying out, right there in the middle of my room, I will actually ย remember to do that!

I am off to work on some of those projects now! I have declared today a “quilt day”; What a great way to start the weekend, don’t you agree?!

Don’t forget that my giveaway closes tonight at midnight, so if you haven’t already entered, please do so now! I will announce the winner right here this weekend!img_2202Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “A clean slate

  1. Wow your room looks awesome. I’m hoping to paint my “craft/spare room” on Monday. Not sure how long I will have this room for, as we need an ensuite, but I will enjoy it while I can. Hope to have most of the painting done next week, so we can move into the house the week after, fingers crossed. Love your finds, the colors are gorgeous.

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  2. Your joy is infectious! I’m so happy you’ve found your mojo along with so many ‘lost treasures’. Music always helps with cleaning and sorting I think. Hope you have a great time sewing the weekend away.


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