Spring??? Break

Last week our oldest boy was home for Spring Break. We had a great time doing some shopping, eating some special meals,  going to the movies, and just hanging out as a family.  On Sunday we drove him back ( does saying “goodbye” ever get any easier?!) and none too soon! We were hit by some nasty weather on Monday, which brought Continue reading

This little piggy….

Hello there,

I hope you have gotten some lovely crafty/quilty time in this past week!

Thanks so much to the  people that signed up to participate in the Happy Mail project! I think it will be so much fun and who knows, maybe you will get a pen pal for life! ( If you haven’t signed up yet, or want to join in, there is still time! Just go to last week’s post and you can read all the details there!)

I did not get a whole lot of crafty time in this week.  Our oldest son Continue reading

Happy Mail

I love getting happy mail, don’t you?! What is “Happy Mail” you ask? Well, it’s not bills, or flyers, or junk mail, or solicitations for money. It is honest to goodness mail, arriving in an envelope, with a pretty stamp, addressed to MOI ( okay, it’s fine too if it’s addressed to the whole family, but just to ME is better~yep, very selfish).

Unfortunately in this day and age it is Continue reading