Happy Mail

I love getting happy mail, don’t you?! What is “Happy Mail” you ask? Well, it’s not bills, or flyers, or junk mail, or solicitations for money. It is honest to goodness mail, arriving in an envelope, with a pretty stamp, addressed to MOI ( okay, it’s fine too if it’s addressed to the whole family, but just to ME is better~yep, very selfish).

Unfortunately in this day and age it is so much easier/ convenient/ cheaper to send an email or a text. And although I do love the marvelous fact that I can text my faraway son or sister or friends and get in touch immediately, for me there is a sad lack of just plain old fashioned SNAIL MAIL.

Last year  I bought this wonderful book:img_2289 It is titled Snail Mail and I loved it at first glance! ( I am very, very guilty of judging a book by its cover~our local library had a “don’t judge a book by its cover” campaign last year and wrapped book covers in brown paper to encourage people to pick up a book without judging the cover, and that drove me CRAZY!). Anyway, back to the topic: This book looked so inviting so I HAD to buy it. The author, Michelle Mackintosh, encourages us readers to get back into old-fashioned correspondence with ideas on when and why to send a handwritten letter(congratulations, new baby, birthday, retirement, loss), ways to sign on and off (Hello, Dearest,  Dear Sir/Madam), and how to make your correspondence really stand out ( making your own paper, including dried flowers).( My favorite part is where she outlines what words are banned from use by her: “Wassup”  and “later”. :))

So inspiring,right?! So when I was out shopping at Tuesday Morning a few weeks back, I came across this envelope template and decided it was a great way to make personalized  envelopes.img_2292 I REALLY want to get back into making my own cards again to give my outgoing mail that extra special touch, and the thought of making my own envelopes to go with them was too enticing to withstand! Did you know that you can make envelopes out of just about anything? ( And just to prove a point, I made some envelopes out of fabric!)

Years ago I was a very prolific card maker, using rubber stamps and paints and all kinds of embellishments. I would get together with my friend and we would spend most of the day stamping and creating…..such a lovely, creative time that was! And then…..I discovered QUILTING. I instantly fell IN LOVE,  and quilting ( plus the fact that I had 4 kids and a husband and pets and a house that needed my attention) quickly took up any and all of my precious spare time. And so cardmaking fell to the wayside…

Now it’s many years later and with the kids older and out of the house more I find that I have a little more time to do some creative “stuff”.  And I found that I still like making cards. I think as long as I get to be creative somehow, I am content. (I am sure my husband would love it if I found cleaning and cooking a creative outlet~sorry, honey~ I do NOT!).

What does all this have to do with quilting, you ask? Well, really not a darn thing…except that I thought it might be fun to have a little “Happy Mail” exchange between you, the followers of my blog! What do you think? Are you in?? Here is what I’m thinking: I compile a list of those of you who would like to participate, and then I match each of you up with a partner.

some cardmaking finds

You then send each other  “Happy Mail”. This can just be a card with a “howdy” message on the inside, or if you want you could include some goodies for your partner ( some ideas include a specialty tea bag, a Fat Quarter, a little pattern, something handmade by you,  whatever you like!). Including something is completely OPTIONAL, so no pressure! And just because you include something does not mean that your partner will, and vice versa. I do want you to keep in mind that I have a few followers who are in Australia, Canada  and in Europe and it costs more to send to and from those countries than within the US(From the US it costs about 1 dollar 20 or so for a regular sized envelope, more for a package). So, if cost of postage is going to be an issue, but you still want to participate, let me know what COUNTRY you would like to be matched with and I will do my best to honor your wishes. ( But wouldn’t it be sooo  much fun to receive a postage stamp from a foreign country?!)

So, if you are in,  you need to email me the following:

  • Complete address, with COUNTRY and ZIP (Postal) CODE
  • A specific request for a certain country, if postage costs are prohibitive.

Please have this information to me by MARCH 15th, 2017 and I will start compiling a list. And just so I can ensure that everyone who signs up will actually participate I am going to ask that you are a follower of my blog, or become one before you sign up for the mail exchange ( you can sign up by filling in the box that says “follow me” on the right hand side of this page, at the top). (While you are at it, you might consider joining the Facebook group too, then you can share your happy mail pictures with everyone!)

Alright, that pretty much wraps it up for today….I have been having so much fun with the blocks I started making last week and at last count had 19!  I am also contemplating writing a pattern for a  bunny placemat or tablerunner pattern so stay tuned for that. ( Seeing as I have never written a pattern before, you all can be my “guinea pigs” and give me feedback!)

Our oldest son will be home for Spring break this coming week and I’m looking forward to hanging out and spoiling him a little 🙂 so probably will not get a lot of quilting in this next week. But here are some pics of things I am currently working on:

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!



13 thoughts on “Happy Mail

  1. Hi Monique, I would love to participate in a Snail Mail . . . how do I contact you? I clicked on the link but it only brought up sign up for a gmail account. Thank you


  2. This is so amazing! I was thinking to myself the other day about asking if you wanted to write letters!! So bizarre! It was just a thought that passed through my head. 🙂 I’m definitely in and will send you an email with my info ASAP!

    Liked by 1 person

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