This little piggy….

Hello there,

I hope you have gotten some lovely crafty/quilty time in this past week!

Thanks so much to the  people that signed up to participate in the Happy Mail project! I think it will be so much fun and who knows, maybe you will get a pen pal for life! ( If you haven’t signed up yet, or want to join in, there is still time! Just go to last week’s post and you can read all the details there!)

I did not get a whole lot of crafty time in this week.  Our oldest son is home from college for his Spring break and I wanted to hang out with him and the rest of our family. We did some shopping and have had some game nights and are planning on seeing a movie this weekend…just some great quality family time!

When son was busy doing some studying I did sneak in a little creative time. I worked on a pattern that I really want to share with you… Do you know that that was WAY more difficult than I thought it was going to be?! Anyway, I am pretty  happy with how the project turned out and I will be sharing that pattern in a little while ( have to polish up the instructions a bit first!).

On Tuesday afternoon I also started a quick little project. I saw 2 different tutorials on Facebook and in an email about using up scraps and I decided to combine the two to come up with this project.

farmhouse quilts

I basically pulled matching color scraps and started sewing them together to make a rectangular shape. Then I traced a piggy shape onto fusible web  and fused it to the back of my scrappy rectangle, which I then cut out and fused to a background. I wasn’t sure if I had enough scraps to make many different colored pigs, but it turns out I didn’t have to worry 😀

farmhouse quilts

Before I knew it I had 6 piggies, and then kept going until I had 9, all different colors.

farmhouse quilts


I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my piggies at that point, but I think I have come up with a cute plan! For starters I am adding cornerstones. These are all going to be the same color~ GREEN seemed perfect for my pig family~ and now I have been busy blanket stitching each piggy to batting ( yes, I am using my favorite Quilt As You Go method!!). If you look really carefully you will also notice that I am adding  a little bit of fancy stitching on the seams between some of the colors too!17192451_10155060913160522_5481204928700932777_oAnyway, I am hoping to get this project all wrapped up by next week and then I’ll be able to share details about size and all that other good stuff. For those of you who just CAN’T wait until next week, I am providing the piggy template here. I am sure you can figure out how to make it work for you! For those of you with a little more patience( teehee!), I will provide all my little hints and tips, along with the measurements, next week!

Until then, have a creative week!


14 thoughts on “This little piggy….

  1. Glad you had a good time with your family while your son was home. These family times are precious.
    Love the piggies. I look forward to reading about all the tips. Thank you


      1. I was thinking of doing just one, as a very mini quilt, but then I may do a small quilt using your idea but with different farm animals, what do you think??

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to your new home. May it be filled with love and happiness (and a great crafting studio).. Love the piggy and will make it my next project. Working on chickens now. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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