The quilt show comes to town

Hello again!

This past week the AQS quilt show was in town and my friend Kana and I went together to see it. It was her first time attending a quilt show so it was really fun to see her reaction to it all.

The quilts, not surprisingly, were stunning. It is amazing to see what materials people are working into their quilts….we saw quilts with everything from pine cone petals to duct tape to flattened beer cans ( yes, really!). We were both just amazed that all this could “go” in a quilt….I guess there are truly no boundaries anymore! The big trend that I noticed this year was the use of 3-D effects and a lot of photo transfers.

Something that bothers me a little bit is the fact that sewing machines can do so much of the artistic part of a quilt. We saw some beautiful, intrinsic embroidery that really wowed me, but then we saw all the computerized sewing machines in the vendor section where the machine was doing all the work ( yes, really, there was no person attending the machine…you just tell it what design to “embroider” , push the START button, and it does all the work). I realize that an actual person still has to cut the fabric and sew the blocks and choose the color combinations, and they do a great job obviously, but for me personally it took something away from the “awe” factor.

I have to admit that one of the main reasons I attend the quilt show is to visit the different vendors and see what kind of cool new stuff they have brought along! We oohed and aahed over one booth that carried handcarved wood stamps from India. These were available along with fabric paints so you could stamp your own designs on your fabrics ( just heat set and they are completely washable!) ….I am still regretting not buying some to play with! Many of the designs were so intricate and delicate and it would have been fun to experiment with them.

Image from Etsy 

Isabelle,  who I met last year, was back with some lovely new products. The print on linen had to come home with me, as well as some accompanying linen fabrics and that ribbon.IMG_2505 I just love the items she brings with her all the way from France and always enjoy seeing what she makes with them. This year she again had some adorable little wallhangings, but also some amazing bags.  I can’t wait to come up with a plan for my goodies!

I also stopped by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. booth. They of course had lots of goodies and I think I did pretty well coming out with only 3 items!

I am very excited about my Double Wide Dresden ruler and can’t wait to play with it!

Another booth caught my eye because it had a sign that said: “Ask me how to make 20 Flying Geese at a time”.  Uhm, okay, that had my curiosity piqued! And so I had a really nice chat with Carla Klop who has come up with a brilliant way to make those trickier blocks, like Flying Geese, 1/4 Square Triangles, and Hunter’s Star. I was just amazed at how she figures these things out and can’t wait to try and make perfect Geese using her method.img_2504.jpgShe has a website where you can check out all her nifty items!

The Red Button Quilt Company had lovely projects and kits, as always, but this year I snatched up their magazines for just 5 bucks each. I love these publications, but they are pricey, so to be able to get them for so cheap just made my day!IMG_2511

And finally, this is Wendy.IMG_2479

She was an attendee and it gave me the giggles to see her walking around with her chair! I was wondering if she brought it along so she could sit and rest every once in a while, but it turns out she had JUST bought it and was super excited about her purchase!

So that was my recap of the quilt show. I have tons more to share, new projects I started this past week, and new fabric purchases and obsessions, but my post is too long already so it will all have to wait until next time…

I will leave you with some final images:

Happy creating!


14 thoughts on “The quilt show comes to town

  1. Thank you for sharing. I just love seeing the photos of all of the beautiful quilts. Can’t wait to see what you make with your finds. My sister and I went to Road to California last year. It was so much fun.

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  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Hopefully I’ll have someone who appreciates the quilting world as much as I do the next time I visit a quilt show. You also got some awesome goodies to work with! Thanks for sharing your visit!

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