A finished project…and the start of a new one…ofcourse!

Hello there,

I hope you all had a terrific week. We decided to kidnap our oldest son for the Easter weekend. He is away at college, but luckily he is close enough that he can make it home for a weekend ( or his mom’s special birthday celebration!!) once in a while. So we drove up on Good Friday, visited the bookstore where I treated everybody , including myself, to some new reading material, had a nice dinner out, and then spent the Easter weekend at home coloring Easter eggs and having egg hunts and doing family activities.

Our youngest son received the cutest gift in his Easter basket. It is called Pie Face and involves whipped cream and a count down, so you never know who is going to get hit by the whipped cream ( =pie) next. A lot of fun, but definitely one I want to play at the beginning or end of the day so I can go wash it all off and out of my hair :D.

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As always I had a lot of fun decorating our table for Easter. I do love a pretty table!

I especially love the hand embroidered Easter themed table cloths! One was embroidered by my mom in 1969, and the other was done by one of her friends. Because neither one is big enough to cover our large table, I simply layered them over top of another table cloth.

The table runner that I started the previous week  got finished up in time! It looks pretty decorating our table, and the colors are perfect for Springtime! This was a Sweetwater pattern and really so simple. I can see making this in different colors for different seasons.( My pattern came out of a compilation book, and is not on their pattern page, but there are such cute patterns on here  that I think you should go have a look!)


I used some of my new mushroomy fabrics and am especially in love with that little bunny print!

As I mentioned before, I treated myself to some new reading material while at the bookstore.

Simply Vintage magazine

I cannot resist these beautiful magazines! I always buy QuiltMania whenever I see it on newsstands, but its sister publications Simply Vintage and Simply Moderne are just as amazing..maybe more so! I am seriously considering getting a subscription to all three! Maybe that will be my Mother’s Day present to myself..hahaha. Anyway…do you see that quilt in the upper left? That one inspired me to start my latest project. I was going to follow the directions, but then decided that I wanted to use my jelly roll strips.

collection of jelly rolls


( I am getting quite a collection of those, and , although they do look super wonderful and yummy, I figured I needed to actually use some of them at some point ( gives me an excuse to buy others!) Boy, I just can’t stay on topic today, can I?!  Alright, my point is that I decided to use 2 1/2  inch strips to make log cabin blocks and then decided to make them pretty HUGE ( think 14 1/4 inch), AND I decided to do my favorite method of constructing quilts, quilt as you go.

My jelly roll strips didn’t have that many truly light colored fabrics and so my light and dark sides are a little harder to see. Add to that the fact that my fabrics were a bit busy. So I decided to forgo the applique from the original pattern too and will make just a simple Log Cabin quilt.

Log Cabin block by Farmhouse Quilts
Log Cabin blocks by Farmhouse Quilts

See how that happens? You get inspired to make a certain pattern, and before you know it,  the colors, size, and every other detail have been completely changed and it doesn’t resemble the original in any way, shape, or form. What can I say? That is how it goes. But I love my giant blocks and am going to continue making them until it gets boring, so we’ll see how big a quilt it becomes. And I will make that quilt on the cover at some point…just not this week….

Until next week….happy creating!


P.S. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to enter in my give-away that I mentioned in last week’s blog…you have until April 30th to win this prize!!IMG_2564

18 thoughts on “A finished project…and the start of a new one…ofcourse!

  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! My weekend was very busy as well – Saturday at the in-laws & Sunday at my parents. That pie face game would make me so nervous! I would jump every time I turned the handle. 🙂 Love your giant quilt blocks! They would make cute throw pillows as well.

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  2. Having lots of ideas (and fabric) is a blessing and a curse! I am trying to finish a bear paw quilt from a virtual quilt bee. It will be pretty when completed although I am kind of making it up as I go. Yikes. I would love to win the giveaway. I would even follow the pattern…:).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your family are all gorgeous. Love the new toy, would so like to catch my son out with it. Your new quilt looks great (so many happy colors, just wants to make you smile). Isnt it sweet that your husband commented on your blog? I think he wants to try to win the prize too. Wow a husband and wife quilting team, how does that work. You would have to share all your quiltie goodies……not. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your table topper came out so well. Love the fabrics you used. You’re right, it would look great in fall colors or Christmas colors. Maybe a red, white and blue for July 4th? See how carried away I get?

    You have a lovely family!

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  5. I love reading your blogs, they’re just like a letter from a distant friend 😊 I too have a mind that flitters around 😉 I adore your jelly roll stash (mine are pulled apart and reorganised but in boxes so I can’t see them in all their glory)… I especially love your Easter tablecloth – my mum has tons of tablecloths, mostly all embroidered, and I hope to collect my own one day (when I’m able to keep them cleaner hehe)…easter looked like alot of fun around your table, and I also still love your bunny fabric…i like the look of the book you’ve picked up (I too like vintage things) but haven’t heard of the books/mags you’ve mentioned so will have to have a looksee…and I love how your blocks are turning out, but that saying on the original quilt is too lovely to pass up, you must make something with it added 😉…okay, I think that’s enough from me for now Hehe (I did mention the flitting – like a busy bee 😂)

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  6. I’v just now joined in on your blog, so I’m catching up. I have a stack of Log Cabin Scrapy blocks made and plan to do QAYG. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to quilt them, but like the way you did it, so I’m gonna be a copycat.😉 I’ve sewn some through out the years, but new at quilting. Thanks!

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