EEEKKK! Why is Spring so crazy?

Hello again,

We have entered that crazy, busy time of year at our house ( and maybe this is the same for everybody?), with all kinds of concerts, commitments, ceremonies, dinners, and all that other end-of-school-year kind of stuff. It seems like everybody is realizing that there are only 22 days of school left ( EEEKKK! Can summer vacation really be that close??)and everyone is cramming all kinds of stuff into these last few weeks. Oh, and did I mention that there is a TON of work that needs doing in the yard at this time of year too?? As I write this there is a HUGE pile of mulch sitting next to my garden….I keep hoping the little garden fairies will move it for me, but so far no luck. Our oldest son is done his first year of college ( the year went by fast!)  and will be coming home this weekend, and on top of that we decided that inviting company would be a great idea also. Silly us 🙂 So part of this craziness is definitely our own doing…you’d think we would learn…sigh…


Needless to say that there has not been a lot of time for creating! But at night I have been trying to finish up some projects that I started a while ago. My poor extra work table  is loaded down with these projects, and I knew I would either have to clean them up, or finish them. IMG_2631I chose the latter :D.  So here is a quick look at the projects I was able to finish, or at least get a good deal ahead on:

My pile of 30’s fabric strips is being turned into GIANT log cabin blocks…I have made 6 already and think I need at least 3 more to make a lap sized quilt. I am “quilting as I’m going”, so once the blocks are done, the quilt will be practically finished. I will share a tutorial on this when I’m all done! ( Because everyone should use quilt as you go! 😀 )

Remember when I found this pattern and had that gorgeous floral fabric? I used my scraps and made my colorful petals.

I decided to make this into a table runner so added some blocks for at the end and handquilted blue butterflies on that section. I think they turned out very pretty!


It’s not put together quite yet, but it won’t take long to finish up now!

17352224_10155087758485522_829624633171600394_nRemember my improv-pieced Little Red Riding Hood quilt? I decided to quilt that with a BIG stitch. Almost done with it too! The quilt looks a bit wrinkly because sometimes a hoop and I just don’t get along, but nothing that a little pressing won’t fix.

And finally there is the little quilt that I challenged my friends in our Facebook group to make:


Isn’t it the sweetest? I found the image on Pinterest but didn’t have any information ( and no pattern!) for it. A lot of people in the group seemed to like it too, so I challenged them to make their own version, in any medium or size they desired. I have already seen a few wonderful creations, and really need to finish my own before the May 15th deadline! Here is what I have so far:IMG_2632I still want to add some things, and need to embroider the words….hopefully I will have a chance to finish it!

So overall it hasn’t been too bad of an effort to keep up with the many, many projects….now if only I would not  get distracted by anything new …hahaha! That seems very unlikely!

I am pretty happy with my efforts and am hoping to keep it up once all my boys are home for the summer. This year I am determined to set a schedule of work and play and stick to it ( check back with me in September and I’ll let you know how it went!)

And finally, back in early April I hosted a give-away to celebrate Spring.IMG_2564 And the winner is……

Linda Marshall!  Congratulations! Please contact me with your full name and address so I can send you your prize. If you didn’t win this time, no worries. I try and do a give-away once a month so there will be more chances! And if you sign up to receive my blog posts automatically then you never have to worry about missing one ( to sign up, fill out your info in the box on the right hand side where it says “follow me by email”. You will get a confirmation email in your inbox to let you know you are on my mailing list.

Until next time, happy creating!




22 thoughts on “EEEKKK! Why is Spring so crazy?

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. They are so friendly and chatty. I love your log cabin blocks. I think I’m going to need to make a log cabin quilt. I also like the improv quilt. It is adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I highly recommend a log cabin quilt! They are fun and easy and you can get so many different looks depending on how you place them together and your color choices. And as always, thank you for your sweet comments, I really appreciate that you feel that way!


  2. I’m right there with you for crazy end of the school year stuff! And I only have one to deal with! I really like that your scissors are open & not closed. So great to see everyone’s approach to the challenge! Congrats to Linda too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are inspiring me to get my UFO’S completed! Really like the look of the big stitch quilting and am looking forward to the quilt as you go tutorial. My grandson is coming home from his first year at college, also. Our family, though so happy for him, has really missed him. Congrats to Linda on her nice prize!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Again, so many lovely things Monique 😊 I am so loving your big stitch quilting, and that birdie fabric is divine! I also like qayg – a good method to learn. And I can’t wait to see everyone’s blocks, I love how your scissors are open too – and remembered to cut the handles out Hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love your blog. I am in the process of making the Blazing Star Quilt and have been looking for a freemotion design to quilt it with. I have never freemotion quilted before, so I think I need something really simple. I love your blue butterflies and I think I will try to use that for my freemotion design. Thank you for all your hard work. Best wishes for the time you get to spend with the boys.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You have some pretty great projects going on. I want to do a quilt as you go project soon but have not had much time for anything creative lately. The flower beds are calling to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Monique,
    Your post always make me smile.
    I lover your log cabin quilt, too. It looks so much to match up all the colors!
    Keep up with all of your before the summer project:)

    Liked by 1 person

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