My secret obsession

I think many of you already know that I LOVE mushrooms! Not the edible kind ( they are pretty good when you fry them up with some onions though!), but the beautiful, colorful, probably crazy-poisonous kind, like the ones you see in fairy tale illustrations. ( You can read more about my obsession with mushrooms in this post). Mushrooms are not the only thing I am obsessed with though. I also adore BUTTONS!IMG_2666IMG_2675

Whenever we go to any antique/junk shop I am always on the lookout for buttons. My absolute favorites are the pretty, pearlescent Mother of Pearl buttons! I find these occasionally and they make my heart go pitter-patter. Silly reaction to a button find? Maybe. But for me it is like treasure hunting and their cost doesn’t break the bank. I have even trained hubby and youngest son to be on the lookout, because sometimes those little button jars are hiding in the oddest places.

Because I been collecting buttons for quite a few years now I have a pretty good collection, so when I found this adorable little storage cabinet with all the individual drawers I HAD to buy it! IMG_2655Β I have sorted my various buttons by color in the drawers so that when I need a particular color it is just a question of opening the right drawer!IMG_2665IMG_2663


I own many buttons and not only did I not have room for all of them in my little button cabinet, I also wanted to have some on display for inspiration. Nothing looks prettier than a mason jar full of buttons! IMG_2669 - CopyTwo is even betterIMG_2670 - Copy…or three πŸ™‚Β IMG_2674 - Copy

Even though I own loads of buttons, I am actually very stingy about using them. But every once in a while there will be a project that just screams out for some special buttons, so I go in search of just the right ones…040Β and then I will include them in projects like this:

pattern by Gail Pan
Farmhouse Quilts original design
Top: Original Farmhouse Quilts Design, Bottom:Red Button Quilt Company pattern
Pattern was a free download from ( I believe) American Patchwork and Quilting .


I of course have a Pinterest board dedicated to buttons! You can imagine all the wonderful ideas that people have come up with using buttons, such as these ones:

For more ideas make sure to go check out my board! There is all kinds of great inspiration on there, everything from jewelry, to hair clips, to home decor and cards…truly something for everyone. Β I also found some ideas that are perfect for kids and grand-kids that love buttons!~ which reminds me of a funny story: Someone I know ( and I won’t mention any names here) could not wear any clothing with buttons on it, and actually could not even look at buttons on other people’s clothing because it made them gag! True story and I still have a laugh about that to this day! I think I can safely say that they are NOT button fans!

How about you? Are you a button fan? And if buttons are not your thing, do you have a secret obsession with something in particular? ( Fabric does not count, that is a given!) Or am I the only strange one here? πŸ˜€

Until next time…happy button-hunting…but make sure to leave some for me!




20 thoughts on “My secret obsession

  1. You and I must be twins, I LOVE BUTTONS. My wonderful and very patient husband sometimes finds jars of them and buys them for me. My kids know not to mess with my buttons or scissors or thread (mind you my daughter ignores all these dire warnings and uses them anyway). I saw a picture in Pinterest of a tree and the leaves are buttons, I am so making this. Only problem is I cant bear to use my buttons (I need serious psychiatric help). Love this post and more importantly welcome to the sisterhood of “Buttonmania” ( a well known group, but very secretive haha).

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    1. Oh no guida – our lists are similar πŸ˜‚ I too want to make a button tree (probably the same one πŸ˜‚), and decided to get more buttons for it because I don’t want to use the ones I have for it πŸ˜‚

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  2. I love buttons too. So soothing to look at them, to sort, to think about uses, to think about how they were used in the past. Collections don’t need to be used – afterall a stamp collector is not expected to use them! Enjoy, enjoy!

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  3. Peas in a pod we are 😁 I adore buttons and have memories of admiring my nannas collections – she was a dressmaker so it was like having her own shop 😊 I store the majority of my buttons in a chocolate tin – memories of biscuit tins 😊 my daughter also loves buttons and in her own words has a ‘talent for button art’ – she does have her own but also gets into mine (not the vintage ones though), but she knows not to mix them up and to give all mine back πŸ˜‚ – I too scour the opshops 😊 My obsessions aren’t secret πŸ˜‚ I love pincushions, buttons and vintage sewing notions/lace/doilies,etc

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  4. Wow! That’s a lot of buttons! I just thought I had too many buttons! πŸ˜‰ I do love a jar of buttons & find it hard to resist them at thrift stores. When I get ready to make clothes that require buttons, I always buy new ones! 😁 I think I’m obsessed with “collecting” lots of things – jars, broken bits of ceramic/glass, strange trinkets, etc. Sometimes they make it into projects, but sometimes they just sit in jars to be admired! I think that’s perfectly acceptable!

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  5. Oh dead, I always thought I was weird because I love buttons. So glad to know I’m not alone. I have my mothers button box and as I child I would sit and sort through those buttons and make up stories about the garments they came from and the people who wore them.occasionally I will part with one or two for something really special but like the rest of you I usually go buy new ones.

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