Big plans!

Hello friends,

I have been scouting out what projects I want to participate in this Fall ( Summer is way too busy with all our kids home and/ or working  ( and one in particular ~ ahem, not mentioning any names here~ bored a lot). Plus the hot weather really does not entice me to work with FABRIC. So I love it when I can start planning the sew-alongs I want to join when my life quiets down a bit and we are back to a somewhat “regular” routine,  also known as SCHOOL :D!

Here is one I will definitely be joining: It is Lori Holt’s new sew-along Bee Happy.BeeHappy_SewAlong_300dpi-02I have participated in a few of Lori’s previous sew-alongs ( Bloom, Farm Girl Vintage, and Cozy Christmas, and have loved every single one of them~never mind that I didn’t quite finish 2 of them!) Lori’s blocks are always adorable, her fabric choices very sweet, and her instructions super clear! Just look at the adorable-ness of this quilt! Squeal!!IMG_7375

Lori uses a bit of a different approach with (most) of her sew-alongs…rather than a book, she uses plastic templates ( which you need to purchase) and a free pattern. She then walks you through a new block each week, with loads of great, clear instructions and pictures on her blog. Very easy to follow and tons of fun!Capture( This image of the templates came from FQS, but they will be available from a variety of retailers)

I guess what I like about the templates is that they are open-ended and you can use your imagination to come up with so many other projects. Last year I made a pillow with the snowman template from the Cozy Christmas set, and a sweet table runner,  and placemat with the tulip template from the Bloom set.

Sister’s birthday pillow
tulip table runner

There is no limit to the types and variety of projects you can make with these templates!

Last year I sewed along with Jacquelynne Steves BOM Maggie’s First Dance and she is planning on doing another one in 2017. What I like about Jacquelynne’s sew-alongs is that she releases one block per MONTH…which makes it a little easier for me to keep up with ;). No details released about this one yet, but I know you can sign up to be on the mailing list so that you can get notice when it starts ( and when fabric kits become available, if you want one!). Jacquelynne’s sew along is FREE also and gives you a choice of just piecing, or doing applique, or doing embroidery. I love that! It means I can do what fits my schedule, fabric availability, and budget. When I made Maggie’s First Dance last year I was on a “fabric diet” and was able to use my stash to complete the quilt ( I also used wool, which I really loved doing!)

Maggie’s First Dance by Farmhouse Quilts

How about you? Do you have any plans on following a sew-along? Or maybe you already are participating in one? I would love to know which one(s) you are interested in! There just might be another one out there that I need to be part of! In the meanwhile maybe I better go finish up some of those UFO’s before I dive into these projects!

Until next time! Happy creating!


18 thoughts on “Big plans!

  1. Hi Monique…..About sew a longs, I am currently working on Pat Sloans 182day solice quilt, and luving it…..I think she is planning a new one starting soon…..The blocks are easy & it has been fun using fabric from statch……Also making color of the month blocks with Angela at Sewscrappy……once again working with statch….D.M.

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  2. Hi, I am currently participating in Pat Sloan’s Solstice Challenge and a monthly embroidered block, also with Pat. I plan on doing Jacquelynne Steve’s new quilt alone. I just love her designs and Pat Sloan is coming up with a new one I’ll probably also join.

    Love your Maggie quilt. Thanks for letting us know about Lori Holt. She has some of the cutest designs.

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  3. I love your snowman pillow; love the happy colors and would love to make this. I would love to do some of these but I have a problem using templates. These are so cute I might have to get over this and sigh on.

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  4. Oh Monique, what a worm hole you’ve opened up! I guess I have a “habit” of “collecting” sew alongs! Really I participate in so many it’s unlikely I’ll ever complete them all (I can hope though!). Here’s just a few, that differ from the Pat Sloan one’s (cause I do those too!):
    Sarah Fielke – Down the Rabbit Hole (yet to start this one)
    Scrappy Stashbuster Club – this one has a recipe every month too!
    Aurifil DOM – it’s all about the color wheel this year!
    Murder Mystery Quilt – A mystery chapter & new block every month!
    Okay, I’m going to stop there, but I have a Pinterest board dedicated to QAL, BOM, & CAL if you want to find more. Like I said, I’m a little obsessed! 🙂 I’m really liking the Bee Happy one too!

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  5. Hahaha, I guess I did, Kristie! But thank you for all that info….will have to go check those out! I have to say that the Sarah Fielke one has caught my eye…I love her quilts and the name of her sew-along is catchy! And I will go check out your Pinterest board too. 🙂


  6. I’m right there with Kristie – I collect BOMs haha…i have Maggie’s quilt with fabric ready to start. I collected the splendid sampler. Right now I’m collecting pats children’s book BOM, quilt doodle designs Dresden BOM (I have a wedge now 😊), 2 aurifil BOMs (the 2012 revamped one and the colour wheel one), Jenny elephantz embroidery BOM (not a quilt), and I’m waiting on Jacquelynnes new one. I also just joined her monthly club 😁. I have too many UFOs to finish first 😂 and have also spotted these templates in the past and have been intrigued – adore this new one!!!

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  7. I feel like a kid again going to confession and hoping anything I say wont mean extra rosary time. I, like the rest of my sweet fb sisters, collect lots and lots of BOM’s CAL’s etc. Do I need anymore, no I don’t, ah but do I want more, well YES I DO. I love the Lori Holt quilts, but havent been able to buy any templates. I am so collecting Jacqueline’s new one and Pam’s as well. Will I live long enough to finish all mine, probably not, but I will die happily knowing that I had them with me, like a blankie that babies feel comforted by. Will I pass them along, of course, although my daughter has yet to catch the bug. Thank you for another wonderful post and more items to add to my ever increasing spread sheet.

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