A little bit of this and that

Hello again,

Today I am sharing a few projects that I been working on these last few days…as many of you already know, I am TERRIBLE about starting AND finishing one project at a time ( I like to say I suffer from ADOSOD= Attention Deficit Ooooh Shiny Object Disorder). I just find it terribly boring to work on the same old project all the time and so start new ones constantly but,  lo and behold, every once in a while I actually finish something. 🙂

I was actually very good about starting and finishing this project ( after extending the deadline by 2 weeks~teehee):IMG_2698This was  a challenge I posted in the Facebook group. I had found this adorable quilt on Pinterest but had no information or pattern for it. 17759925_10155139454405522_8786310405742157836_nSo I challenged the lovely group of ladies in the Friends of Farmhouse Quilts Facebook group to come up with their own versions. It was amazing how different they all turned out! You will have to go visit the group in order to see the variations! ( And while there, check out all the cute mouse pincushions that a lot of us have been busy making…there is a real mouse problem in our group!)

Jacquelynne Steves posted this cute little pattern on her blog:HomeTweetHomeFreeEmbroideryPattern-JacquelynneSteves_small

So sweet, right? So I decided to make mine in shades of blue.

Home Tweet Home embroidery. Pattern by Jacquelynne Steves, made by Farmhouse Quilts

I don’t yet know what I will turn it into….a little pillow? Perhaps a little wallhanging? I will have to come up with a cute idea. Jacquelynne also asked me to make the samples for her Art of Home Club patterns for June and so I have been busily working on those.  Here is a little sneak peek at one of those projects:sneak peek at Art of Home Club pattern by JacquelynneSteves.com

I am also starting work on a super secret ( for now) project. These are some of the fabrics I am thinking of using.IMG_2729 Obviously I have plenty of projects to keep me out of trouble!

My next challenge to the ladies in the Facebook group is to make a project with yoyos.  Here are my yoyos so far.

Mine are flower yoyos and I’m using this tool to make them.  I don’t know yet what I will make with them, but have a few ideas floating around in my head :). I have been pinning a lot of ideas on my Pinterest board .

Would you like to join in the fun? Just go to the Facebook group page and ask to become a member. This is a really  friendly and supportive group where we share ideas, tips, funnies, and links to patterns, plus lots of pictures of projects we are working on. ( The deadline for this challenge is June 15th, 2017, but don’t feel that you need to participate in the challenges….they are for fun only!)

To wrap up this post  I will share that I treated myself to a quilt design program this morning! I had a very basic one years ago, but somehow it went missing when we moved. So I have been (impatiently!) waiting for a sale and this morning I was rewarded!Capture There are lots of people who design with EQ, but I wanted to start with (hopefully) a simpler and cheaper option, so chose EQ mini. If I like it I will be able to upgrade to the full version at anytime for the same cost, so it seemed like a sensible choice. Do any of you use EQ programs? I would love to know your insights and opinions on the various programs!

Have a great weekend and happy creating!


13 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that

  1. Hehe…that should read “sky has created a real mouse problem in our group” 😂 – and you’ve found a name for the condition we all suffer from 😂 Lucky ducky for getting in early on jacquelynnes club projects 😉 I can’t wait to see 😊 adoring your newsprint fabric and the flower one under it, and your yo-yo flowers are sooo cute (had to say it again 😁) thank you Monique for another lovely farmhouse edition 😃

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  2. Lots of fun things in this post! I can’t wait to see what you make with the fabrics for your secret project. All the fabrics are wonderful! I’ll be interested to hear how you like the EQ program. I’ve been looking at programs to help with design & it seems I will need more than one kind to do what I want. I have experience in AutoCAD & it would do what I need, but it is VERY expensive! Your yoyos are looking awesome!

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    1. Thanks, and yes, I will let you know my experience with EQ mini. Yes, our son gets to use AutoCAD in Engineering school and he told us how expensive it was….luckily as a student they don’t have to pay for it ( well, I guess looking at his tuition bill we do, indirectly~Ha!)

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