Tulip Festival

Hello again,

This past week I ran across this beautiful quilt pattern:Tulip Festival by Glenna HaileyIts cheery colors and use of scraps, not to mention the tulips and hearts just begged me to make it! So I set to work tracing the designs onto my fusible web. I was ONLY going to make 1 block and use that block to make a pretty pillow. ( Given my tendency to start projects and not finish them, that seemed like a reasonable objective ~Teehee). farmhouse quiltsBut the more I made, the more I wanted to KEEP on making them!IMG_2817Aren’t they cute?? And look at all the scraps I used! ( Did it put a dent in my scrap pile? Of course NOT!) So, because the blocks were so much fun to make, AND because I have scraps coming out of all nooks and crannies in my room

I decided I needed to make MORE. So I have been busy tracing the templates and sorting scraps into the right-sized pilesIMG_2821to fit my shapes

I did decide to cut the “inners” out of the flowers so that they wouldn’t be too stiff!

And then I started fusing!IMG_2831I now have a nice big pile of shapes that need cutting out….a perfect job to do at night while watching TV! Will these make ALL the blocks? Well, no, but it’s enough to keep me busy for a while 😉

And the only item I needed to purchase for this project was some ric-rac. ( Because more color choices just look better!)IMG_2829I suppose I might need to purchase some more pretty thread….I am using a blanket stitch on the appliques and am liking the look of the matching thread colors.IMG_2836Here is a close-up look of the 4 blocks that I completed so far:


Now that you have seen these, don’t you just want to run and start making your own version?? Great! Because the pattern is FREE and is available by clicking here! Tulip Festival by Glenna Hailey

Have fun and happy creating!


7 thoughts on “Tulip Festival

  1. Very pretty quilt! I have promised myself to not start any new projects this summer until I’m caught up. That doesn’t mean I can’t collect projects to make! 😉

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  2. Your quilt is looking really stunning, but I cant start anything until all the work is done on the old place, we need to sell that first. It will however make a great quilt for my daughters room, and the cat one for my son’s. Have a great day.

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