I think it’s contagious…..

Hello again,

I am afraid I have contracted a terrible disease…..and I think it is spreading rapidly! Have you heard of Quilt pox? It’s a disease where the affected person lives, eats, and breathes quilts, and only quilts!Stack of quilts This disease causes you to forget all about cooking, cleaning, and any other household responsibilities. It makes you download pattern after pattern, thinking you will have a chance to make everything, when in reality there is NO chance at all of even finishing a fraction of the list. You buy more fabric than you will ever use, just because you have to have it. And you must acquire every new quilt gadget on the market. And the worst part is that Quilt pox is terribly contagious! c3333e28288e2915daf867c8783dad48It seems that even just posting a pretty picture of a quilt causes others to immediately catch the disease too. But don’t worry. It seems that people can be affected by the disease and live quite normal and possibly happier lives than those not affected!

Does this sound like you? Then you have caught it too. I am afraid the only cure is to keep creating and making happy quilts and spending lots of time perusing all the pretty patterns and fabrics everywhere. So that is exactly what I have been doing since I self-diagnosed ……These are some  projects that have been keeping me busy these past few weeks: I posted a challenge over in the Facebook group to make a project with yoyos…it could be anything at all, as long as it involved some fabric yoyos.

IMG_2723 (1)
flower yoyos by Farmhouse Quilts

We had all kinds of creative projects~ everything from dolls to cards! My contributions were this pillow and this basket:



Wendy over at Four Peaches Fabric was kind enough to send me a pattern and a fabric bundle that I have started turning into a quilt…it is at the very beginning stages, but I am hoping to get a bit further along this weekend! I have to tell you that the feel of these fabrics is soooo soft! I must ask her who manufactures them!



My Festival of Tulips blocks are all  finished!

It took a while to complete those 36 scrappy blocks, but they are finally all “appliquilted” and ready to be sewn into blocks, just like these:

SQUEAL!! This is going to be such a fun quilt!


I also got totally distracted this past week by this sweet project:19225527_10155391186755522_6625894268188779666_nI felt the need to do some hand embroidery and so drew up these sweet little “luv” bunnies to give me something to do at night. Then I decided that they needed to become the center of a little quilt…

Oh so sweet! I will be writing up the instructions for this one and sharing the pattern soon, so check back if you would like it! I have decided to hand quilt this one using a big stitch, but I might just be impatient enough to see this one finished that I end up machine quilting instead….

And finally, to combat my severe case of Quilt Pox, I HAD to treat myself to some new quilty books ( yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any new books this year, but I was wrong, okay?! 🙂 Besides, who could resist these beauties??)

ALL of these books have amazing patterns, or great ideas, or wonderful inspiration, and they NEEDED to be part of my very extensive collection.  Besides, I’m sick, I am allowed some indulgences, right?!

Okay, I better go and recuperate now….my sewing machine is calling….

Until next time~ Happy creating!



14 thoughts on “I think it’s contagious…..

  1. I enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful time sewing this weekend. I will have to make do with looking what others are doing for a time but look forward to addressing the “quilt pox” that you refer to in this post.

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  2. Loved reading this post. I definitely have quilt pox. I was looking at my fabrics today thinking I just need to get some more of this one and one to go with that one. I can feel a visit to the fabric store coming over me. I love looking at quilting books and magazines and there is always room for more tools and notions.

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  3. This post makes me want to go roll around in my fabric collection! 🤗 Lucky for me my stash is due for some organizing to incorporate new fabric! I hope they never find a cure & I plan to spread it to as many people as I can!!!! Mwahaha!!

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  4. Just like Joyce I feel inspired to get more fabric, or quilty books…but luckily while packing and looking through all my stuff, I’ve been able to partake in Kristie’s idea 😃

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  5. I laughed throughout this post, don’t know how i missed this one. You are right it is very contagious and if you join your fb group, then this will only strengthen the resolve to never find a cure. Love those books, I especially love the quilt on old quilt new life cover. You have been a very busy little bee. Take care, I have to go touch my fabrics they are calling me. xx

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