A bit of this and that…and a giveaway :)


I hope you have had a creative and productive week! Not too much creativity happened in this house…even with reduced internet time ;). But the chandelier is clean, and the ceiling fans got a good dusting, Β some plants in the yard got a trim to ready them for winter , so it was time well spent, although not as much fun as spending it quilting!

I have been working on my version of this month’s Christmas ornament. If you follow along in the Facebook group you know that this month the theme is birds, and Kristie designed a fun Partridge in a Pear ornament. ( For last month’s ornament you can go here, or for more information on the entire sewalong you can go here).

Here is a little peek at what I designed for this month:sneak peek at ornament #4 in the Merry Christmas Sewalong

For this month’s supplies you will want to gather the following if you want your ornament to look exactly like mine ( but please feel free to substitute anything at all to make these ornaments your own!):

  • A piece of light colored fabric ( about 6 inches big)
  • A piece of batting the same size
  • A piece of green felt or wool about the same size
  • embroidery floss in green, red, and black
  • a piece of ribbon approx. 10 inches long, to match the embroidery floss ( so you choose)

And then you will ofcourse need your basic embroidery items, like a needle, scissors, and a small hoop. Next Monday I will reveal my pattern and give you full instructions! I have to say that I REALLY like how this ornament turned out so I hope you will feel the same!!

Other than the ornament I did a little bit of work on my Bee Happy blocks.Bee Happy block They are turning out so cute and I was actually able to finish my very first row this week, after completing this little block:Daisy Churn Dash blockHere is the entire first row, already quilted and everything because that is my go-to method these days! ( A lot of people have been asking me about this method and I will be sharing a blog post about it soon!~ I predict you are going to LOVE this method!)Row 1 in Bee Happy sewalongI’m already thinking what else I might be able to make with the templates, because only making one quilt seems like a shame….so I’ll be putting on my thinking cap and hopefully coming up with some new ideas! I’m thinking a tablerunner or some placemats with some of these shapes would be adorable! Any suggestions for me?? Let me know in the comments!

I have long admired Sharon Blackman who is a British quilter. I love her whimsical style and have a Pinterest board pretty much dedicated to her work! Sharon offers workshops in England and I have always been envious of the people over there who could attend , so when she offered to do a course online I jumped at the chance! You basically get emailed the pattern and instructions, but I love how she includes a cake recipe and some music suggestions, just as if you are personally at a workshop with her.

Here is a little peek at my work ( yes, that is needle-turn applique!!). If you have followed me for a while, you probably know that I don’t do needle turn anything…no time, no patience, but I wanted to have the true Sharon Blackman workshop experience so am following the instructions to the letter :D. And I am actually enjoying the process….GASP! This is not promising that all my projects will be needle-turn from now on, but I might consider one or two projects…

Eventually my piece should look something like the little gal on the bottom. If you would like to check out Sharon’s work you can find her here.

Finally, I think it is about time for a giveaway! It has been awhile since I’ve done one and they are so much fun, don’t you think? I will be giving away a copy of Simply Vintage ( which I ended up having 2 copies of…..don’t ask!) Simply Vintage magazineΒ It is the summer issue but I predict you are going to love it if you are a fan of whimsical, wool, folksy style. This giveaway is open to everyone everywhere, but I do ask that you Β subscribe to my blog ( if you are not a subscriber yet you can sign up right now on the right hand side of this page, right where it says ” follow this blog by email”).

To enter this giveaway please give me a suggestion ( in the comment section) of what else I might make with my Bee Happy templates….be creative! I will pick a winner by 12 midnight EST on September 27th, 2017. Good luck and happy creating!


(Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through my links, I will receive a small commission at absolutely NO extra cost to you~this helps keep my blog up and running~ Thank you!)


57 thoughts on “A bit of this and that…and a giveaway :)

      1. Not sure how or were to leave a comment to enter. I’m all new to this blog stuff. Lol. Old lady learning new stuff. Love the farmhouse quilt. For something new – I love anything Dresden and have recently found how simple it actually is. How about a Dresden sunflower. Brenda

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  1. Hello, I am a subscriber and very happy that I am. Lots of lovely things shared by you. I looked at the templates and without a good way to see relative sizes, this is my suggestion. I love bird and flower motifs, so I was thinking of using the dresden D24 and mothers flower garden D33 as backgrounds and then adding birds and flowers over top. Thanks again for your generosity.

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  2. I’m ready for your next ornament! This time will be a little quicker since I’ve had some practice. ; ) I need to check out Sharon, her work looks like fun! I’m also not a needle turn applique type of sewer. It would take a lot to convince me to do that! Every time I see your Bee Happy blocks I want to make it more & more! It will be next year before I can even consider it. 😦 Those templates would be great for potholders, dish towels, mini quilts, or pillows! The possibilities are really endless!

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  3. Oh goodness the possibilities. I’m thinking a long cushion with the mason jars or a tote bag with the bees, butterflies and flowers, placemats, tablerunners, kitchen towels with the bee and butterflies embroidered or appliquΓ©d.

    Love the Sharon Blackman you did, it looks vintage.

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  4. You’ve received some wonderful ideas already, I like usable quilts…these would be very nice on tote bags, or as an accent on a (dare is write it?) sweat shirts or fall/spring shirts. Thank you for introducing Sharon Blackman, what a talent.
    Can’t wait to see your next embroidery Christmas project, I’ve gather my supplies! I’ve made several of the trolls and partridges but a full blown coward to share!
    Happy sewing!

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  5. So very cute! Nice work. I’m determined to learn quilt-as-you-go method so I’d be interested in your tutorial. I’d make something for the kitchen – tea towels, pot holders, etc – OR a baby’s room. The patterns are so adorable.

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  6. Love your first row. So many possibilities! I favour a table runner or baby or childrens quilt. Am interested in learning about your quilt as you go method. I really want to try this.

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  7. Okay, I will start with my suggestion with no idea what your kitchen looks like, but envision window toppers, perhaps hanging from a small shelf with a wooden rod so all you would need to add is a sleeve to the back or loops. How quaint would that be? Oh, how I love Sharon’s work! Vintage (I’m finding I could fit in that category -lol!) does have an appeal that I’m drawn to. I think that is strange since I am designing two quilts that definitely are modern. Speaking of which, I need to get off the laptop and on the sewing machine to do a few blocks from the designs to see what it looks like in fabric! Have a wonderful day, regardless what it brings!

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    1. I can totally envision little valances with these designs on them…CUTE!! And I find I can totally flip-flop from loving these old vintage-y quilts, to really modern log cabins…variety is good and keeps life interesting, right?!


  8. I’m canning beets right now. It would be so nice to have the appliquΓ©s in my kitchen on dish towels, pot holders and my apron. It will soon be time to put the canner away and do some sewing and quilting!

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  9. I was thinking the Bee Happy Templates could be used for alot of things!! First,for an educational tool, we could make banners or large flash cards of the different shapes and let the kids make a game out of naming the shape. If we place the fabric shapes glued to a index card or whatever it would fit on, place them in a paper bag in singles or in pairs and let the kids draw out the cards and match the shapes or match the colors. People who have had stokes often need help recognizing things and again, these could be made into a game or a small quilt for recognition skills. Also, the fabric shapes would be “sew” cute on gift bags, aprons, post cards, or curtains. Sew some on clothing! Dish towels! make potholders, bath towels, or baby burp clothes for bright colors to look at. SEW many ideas come to mind. Oh my, I will stop now.

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  10. I am so loving all your projects this week, even the cleaning and gardening – you’ll have more sewing time in the long run. Loving that folksy little bird – I too have a hard time with needle turn – not as neat for me, but practice does make perfect. My first thought with the templates was an apron for the kitchen and a handtowel and facewasher for the bathroom πŸ˜ƒ Happy sewing πŸ˜ƒ

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  11. i love your cute little bird block. It’s very neat for someone who says they don’t like needleturn applique. I don’t know what shapes the templates are but given the quilt row that you have completed perhaps they could be used to make a picture style/scene quilt. Something like a garden of trees and flowers with the sun in the sky and birds in the garden. The other blocks could be used as corner blocks or as a border. It would probably be a long term project! I hope this adds to the other good ideas shared by the others.

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  12. I think what you have done with the blocks is so cute and I don’t know if I could tell you something different than what you have already done. Since I have never made a full size quilt (I make smaller things like wall hangings and table toppers), I don’t feel qualified to tell somebody else what to do. But I am sure you will find an ending point at the right time. I can only say, keep up the beautiful work.

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  13. I love the mason jars! You have actually given me an idea how to use them. I want to sew them up as canning jars with fruits, vegetables, and jam as a tribute to my grandmother who taught me how to can many years ago. Then embroider her name on, frame it and hang it in my kitchen along side a shelf of blue mason jars and her antique apron. So excited to do this!

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