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Hello again,

Once in a while I feel I need to throw in a quick blog post to keep you up to date on everything that is happening at the farmhouse 🙂

farmhouse quilts blog

Last week brought a few changes to my world…some big and some not so big….the not so big news is that my part-time online job that I had been at for almost 2 years was no longer mine. That was a bit of a bummer because it had been part of my daily life for quite some time …. But I decided to see this as a growth opportunity and am going to take this time to grow my online presence via my new Facebook business page ( that sounds very dull and boring, doesn’t it?)  It is NOT :). BannerOn my new page I share patterns, tutorials, and pretty pictures that I find around the web, as well as my blog posts. I like to think that my facebook  PAGE compliments my facebook GROUP. Or maybe it’s the other way around…. Anyway, I hope you will go visit and “follow” and “like”.

So you might wonder why I would need a business page as well as a group. My group is more for interacting with other quilters and my page will allow me to conduct business such as selling patterns ( when I get to that stage). Because that is another thing that my job loss has encouraged me to do! I am going to try and get some patterns ready for publishing! This is a big and scary step and I can’t believe that I am writing this “out loud”, but now I have to follow through, right? Below are some of my own designs 🙂

Little sailboat
piggy quilt
bunny placemat


Last year I bought EQ mini, the quilt design program, but I really have not had a chance to play with it much….my newly available free time will allow me to explore it a lot more and I am excited about that. I also have a bunch of Craftsy kits and patterns that have been patiently waiting for me to notice them. I cannot wait to dive into those and share that progress with you all!

Another thing that has been on my to-do list is to take some Creativebug classes! I signed up for a monthly membership about a year ago.  It costs about the same as one coffee at Starbucks( or so I have been told~ I am a tea drinker :D) and you get access to ALL their classes! I took one class with Kaffe Fassett and it was mesmerizing! They have thousands of classes on all sorts of topics and I can’t wait to start watching some of them to get my creative juices flowing!

Alright, so that was my “little” news, now for the BIG news….my husband got a new job so we will be moving at some point in the new year!image from We are very excited about it because it is a great job and will put us much closer to our oldest son who is away at college. Trying to get a house ready to sell and all the stress surrounding the move won’t be very much fun, but I am planning on de-stressing on a regular basis with you, my quilting friends.

So, big and little changes in the works and I am excited about them all! I hope you will continue to follow along and be the super supportive people that you have been. I am planning on blogging and facebooking throughout it all, so nothing is going to change in that regard.

Simply Vintage magazineFinally I have to remember to announce the winner of the Simply Vintage Magazine Summer Issue ( I am sorry it took so long~ lots of things happening!). You all came up with some great suggestions of what else I could use my Bee Happy templates for, so thank you very much! But unfortunately I can only choose one winner and that is……

Paula Hedges! Congrats Paula, please contact me so I can send you your magazine ASAP.

Until next time, when I will reveal the fabric/floss/bits and bobs, that you will need to complete this month’s Christmas ornament ( and there is a give away happening there too!!)

Happy Creating!


Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of my links and end up buying something, I will receive a small commission at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. This helps keep my blog up and running~ Thank you!

23 thoughts on “New adventures

  1. Wow! Lots of changes going on. I love your cute patterns, tips and most of all the great people. Good luck with your new Facebook page and your move. I’ve moved across country twice and that was more than enough.

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  2. Congratulations on all the life changes. I always look at these as opportunities to spread your wings and try new things. Hope you get through the stress of moving but cleaning out and reorganizing are always good for the soul. Hang in there.

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  3. Congratulations to your husband on his new job and to you on embracing all your new life experiences and opportunities. It can be stressful but an adventure. Hang in there!

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  4. You will be a huge success with your Facebook business page. Your blog and your group page are wonderful as it is. Will you be living in the same state? I was selfishly hope you would moving closer to Missouri. I will enjoy visiting your new page. Sending lots of good thoughts.

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  5. Congratulations on all your new adventures! Moving is never fun which is why I haven’t moved in over 15 years! 😉 I once moved 3 times withing the span of 6 months – ug! I know you’re going to enjoy being closer to your son at least. 😀 Let me know how you like that EQ mini – I’ve been looking around for designing software. Right now I’m doing it the old fashioned way – pencil & paper!

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    1. 3 times in 6 months?? I can see why you are over moving! And yes, being closer to our oldest son is going to be HUGE….miss that boy like crazy ( and now I’m selfishly hoping that middle son will attend the same college so that this mother hen can keep her chicks close by! 😉 ). I will definitely let you know about EQ mini!

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  6. Sounds like lots of new adventures and opportunities! Quilters always land on our fat quarters, so have no fear!! Good luck with all that’s coming your way ❤️

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  7. Lots of happenings at the farmhouse! Glad you’re facing it head on and taking every opportunity you can to see the positives. Good luck with the move, gee I know what that’s like. Interested to see what you’ve got in the works, and of course I’ll be following along for the ride xxx

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  8. Congratulations on your husband’s new job. I’m sure it will be worth it all once you get through the packing etc bit.
    Monique, I love your patterns. You definitely should sell them and create more!!
    Sorry to hear that you lost your job; however it sure sounds like it’s a new opportunity for positive changes for you.
    Looking forward to hearing all about the move etc, and hope to hear that your pattern writing and selling is up and running soon.
    I love the placemat pattern. I want to make a placemat for my little grandaughters for Christmas using Sunbonnet Sue but I wasn’t sure what to do for the rest of the block. Your one would be perfect as I could replace the flower you have with Sue. Is it a pattern I could buy from you?


    Kerrie (KerrieAnne)

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    1. Thanks Kerrie! I appreciate all your kind words :). As for the placemat pattern…I would just give you the pattern, except that I don’t think I wrote anything down about it when I made it. And I can’t go measure it and tell you dimensions because I gifted it to our niece last Christmas and she lives a ways away. I think what I remember doing is cutting 2 1/2 inch squares and then sewing them together until I thought it was a good 3/4 placemat size, and then cutting the plain side to match the TOP TO BOTTOM size of the pieced side ( but making it skinnier side to side obviously) and adding the applique….hope that helps! Message me if you need more help!


      1. Thanks Monique that does help. I can get Sunbonnet Sue outlines on Pinterest so I can make templates from these. For the rest I will follow your instructions-which you described well!-and hopefully it will all work out. If I do get it done I will post a photo on the Facebook page (I am Kerrie Anne on Facebook). Did you get the tulip pattern templates from anywhere in particular as I want to make some more placemats for my family also?
        I really enjoy the Friends of Farmhouse Quilts Facebook group-it’s very friendly and lots of fun.
        Thanks again for all you do.


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