Merry Christmas Sew-along December

Hello there and welcome to the very last tutorial for our Merry Christmas sew along ornament collection! Kristie and I have had so much fun designing these for you and we hope you have enjoyed sewing along! ( By the way, if you missed Kristie’s last ornament~the Christmas Star~ you can go here to find the instructions.

Alright, for my very last ornament I chose to do the Baby Jesus in his manger ( some people in the FB group guessed it when I showed them a very blurry close-up hint~ although some people guessed it was a bowl of ice cream?!? 🙂 )

Here is what the final ornament looks like:baby Jesus ornament

Ready to get to work? Here is what you will need:

  • a light background, plus batting, and wool or wool felt piece ( in color of your choosing), all about 6 inches square.
  • 12 inch length of ribbon.
  • embroidery floss in lt brown, dk brown, pink, gold/yellow, lt blue, and black.
  • 4 inch hoop ( to make the frame).
  • craft paint ( I used green to match my backing).
  • the pattern ( find it here).
  1. Trace your pattern onto your light background fabric. Layer with batting and place in a hoop ( I used a 6 inch hoop).
  2. Embroider the designs with a backstitch, using 2 strands of floss. Use french knots for the eyes. ( I used both light brown and yellow for the hay in the manger;Light brown for the manger; Dark brown for the legs; The rest is obvious)baby Jesus all finished!
  3. After your embroidery is complete, take the 4 inch hoop apart and paint the OUTER rim. ( I painted the front and sides so it would look pretty from both angles).Take your hoop apart
  4. After your paint is dry, layer your embroidery in your hoop.Layer embroidery in hoop
  5. Trim the excess fabric even with the back using scissors.

6. Place your hoop on top of you wool. Trace and cut out the circle.

7.Place glue ( I used regular school glue) around the rim of your wool piece and glue the hoop and wool together. Let dry.glue hoop and wool together

8. Attach a ribbon to the screw and you are done!


And here is a view of it hanging in my “sewing tree”, along with all the other ornaments Kristie and I designed ( I am just missing the star~ it has been a busy couple of days).tree decorated with the free ornaments from our sew-along

Have fun making your baby Jesus and don’t hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear.

Thank you for joining us in this sew-along adventure! This was a first for both Kristie and me and you all made it so much fun and were all so graceful and kind…we appreciate that! Maybe we will do another one next year, if there is enough interest out there!

Until next time, Merry Christmas, and happy crafting!


11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Sew-along December

  1. This is such a sweet ornament and very unique. I’m sending it to the printer and getting to work on it today. Thank you for all of the cute ornaments. It has been so much fun seeing what you and Kristie have designed for us each month.

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