Sometimes it is fun to do something other than quilting. Yes, you heard that right :). Don’t get me wrong…I adore quilting and I can’t imagine my life without that wonderful pastime, but I find that doing a different crafty thing once in a while actually makes me feel reinvigorated about my quilting projects.

For the past few weeks I have been diligently working away on what will be our middle son’s graduation quilt.Blue and white double nine patch I love working on it, but every once in a while I find my eyes starting to wander to this new book I bought recently. The Big Book of Strip Quilts by That Patchwork PlaceIt is filled with wonderful quilts, and one in particular is screaming my name. Yes, really! Don’t certain patterns do that to you? Anyway, I really NEED to finish my son’s quilt before it is time to pack up my sewing room, so I shouldn’t get distracted by starting a new quilt.








So instead of starting a new quilt, I started work on a paint project. You see, our realtor suggested that we make our dining room look like a dining room when we go to sell our house~ How perfectly boring, but understandable :D.

As many of you know, our dining room has been my quilting room ever since we moved in because that was a much better use of space for usย  me. But I can understand that the realtor wants it staged just perfectly and so I will be packing up my beloved books and fabric and rulers and patterns and sewing machines and cutting mats and ……anyone feel like coming and helping me with this Herculean task?!

So we have a room that needs to look like a dining room BUT we don’t have a dining room set. (Our giant farm table is in our eat-in kitchen and would never fit in that dining room anyway). So I came up with the very clever idea to find an antique/old/used dining set that we could place in that room, just until we sold the house and didn’t need it anymore. We had a hard time finding a complete set that was acceptable AND affordable (=cheap) but then ran across this set of 6 chairs and decided we would divide and conquer. So we bought the chairs, with the hope of finding a table to match later on. I set to work on redoing one of the chairs right away and am super happy with the result! Aย  little bit of chalk paint, some wax, and some outdoors fabric bought at Joann’s gives these chairs some new pizzazz!

And then, last weekend, we found a table that will work perfectly in our room too! dining room table BEFORE makeoverIt was a little wobbly and damaged, but my hubby was able to fix all that pretty easily. This one is getting coated in some white paint and then I am applying this transfer to it:tranferI am pretty excited about this whole transformation and have already decided that this beautiful set is going to be making the move with us to our new home! This will look adorable in any new kitchen that we find…fingers crossed for a house with an eat-in kitchen!

So, to get back to what this blog is supposed to be about….all this painting and recovering and searching for stencils has got me reinvigorated about my quilting projects. I put together the last of these sweet Christmas Tree blocks this weekย  and will be ready to start sewing that into a quilt top.Christmas Tree blocksI have also been doodling and came up with this cute flower block that I want to turn into a pattern for a Spring table topper that I want to share with you all soon.tulip blockย And then to top it off, I organized a last minute Valentine postcard swap online that I now need to get busy on if there is any chance of it making it to the recipient on time!

So many things to be excited about :). Maybe by next week I will have a completed quilt top OR a completed dining room set….or maybe I will have been sneaky and started that new quilt out of my book after all….teeheehee.

How about you? When you “tire” of quilting, is there a different hobby that reinvigorates you? I would love for you to share in the comments!

Until next time! Happy creating!


20 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. I think I may have a bigger problem with this than you do! As you know, I enjoy many different forms of making & it’s easy to get distracted! Your table is looking wonderful & I can’t wait to see the finished product. My dining room table and chairs really need a makeover too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I am taking a break from quilting (just because I ran out of thread) and am making up little boy pajamas from a stash of flannel that I want to get moved out of my room.

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    1. It is so much fun, and when you use chalk paint it is extra easy because there is no need to prime! Just find a piece of furniture that you don’t like and have a go at it….if you don’t like it there is nothing lost, right?


  3. I spend an afternoon working in my garden or baking and I also sew clothing for myself. Love the tulip and canโ€™t wait to see what you come up with. Also really like your new table and chairs. Funny, 10 years ago we moved from Texas to Arizona and had to get a dining room table and chairs. We were using the dining room as an exercise room. We also loved the one we bought so much that we decided to keep it. Luckily our new house has an eat in kitchen as well as a dining room.

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  4. I love what you did with the chair Monique-the dining room set will look lovely when it’s all done. How will you be able to part with it once you move! Your son’s quilt looks fantastic; and I love the gorgeous spring table topper. It looks so bright and happy-just like the coming of spring.

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  5. Oh that transfer is just perfect ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I love the things you find and your own personal style ๐Ÿ˜Š I too have recently lost my mojo with feeling under the weather, if I don’t feel like sewing (that’s anything at the machine), I love to paint, colour, draw, embroider and do calligraphy and lettering, but then sometimes my hands don’t want to play along, so I pull out some of my books to flick through or my supplies to sort out, then suddenly I have ideas again ๐Ÿ˜

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