A new project to try

This has been a crazy kind of week at our house. We are getting ready to put our house on the market soon and so on top of the regular chores that need doing, I have also been trying to squeeze in a few little extra things on my to-do list. Like painting a dining room table ( it is going to look soooooo good!). And refinishing some chairs ( they are unrecognizable!). And looking for a new home in our new town ( that search has been very depressing up to this point!)

But I of course had to fit in a little bit of creativity ;). It keeps me sane. Yes, it does. I think doing something by hand ( or machine ) is grounding. Don’t you agree?

A while ago I saw a crafty lady by the name of Minky Kim stamp a rubber stamp design and then “trace” over it with black thread with her sewing machine. Her stamps were specifically sewing themed ( I think she designs them for that purpose), but I figured I didn’t have to use her stamps to try the idea.

As a matter of fact, I had bought these adorable stamps at Joann’s last week and was dying to try this technique using one of my new stamps.rubber stamps by Santoro

These stamps are the cling type, meaning that you peel them off and attach them to a clear acrylic block and then ink and stamp them.

Because I make cards and used to scrapbook, I already own all of that kind of stuff, so it was easy to grab my block and ink ( I used a waterproof and permanent ink, but if you are not going to wash this you could use whatever ink you can find).IMG_4301I stamped my stamp on a piece of cotton fabric and it came out really nice and clear! It is important to stamp straight down and not “rock” the stamp. (Use a hard surface, like a desk or table for the best imprint).

Santoro image stampThere she is, all ready to get stitched!

I layered my image on a scrap of batting and set my machine stitch to “teeny”…( forgot to look at the number, but small!). Then I chose the thread color I wanted to start with ( beige for the hair in my case) and just started stitching the outline of her hair first and then I went back in and did some “strands” as well. Just pretend that you are tracing over the stamped lines with your thread. After I was done with the hair, I changed my thread color to red and started outlining the dress. It is nice to have a wide variety of thread colors to pick from! thread in lots of colorsYou can add as much or as little detail as you like! All this is a little pokey, because the image is small. I might try and do one by hand because there is more control, but I’m not sure how small I can stitch by hand!

When I was finished this is what she looked like:IMG_4303You can see the stitches aren’t perfect but I love how she turned out! Here are some more shots of her:IMG_4304I could have added more color but I like the simplicity of just the red, pink , and beige.IMG_4305Isn’t she cute?! I am thinking I could stamp her image, enlarge it a bit, and then trace and do the same, only on a slightly larger scale! If you own rubber stamps, the possibilities are endless, really. I would just make sure to use fairly simplistic stamps…you don’t want too much detail to worry about!

Well, there you have it. That was my playtime project for the day. If you have the materials I hope you will give it a try…it really was a lot of fun!

I am including a YouTube video to show you how Minki Kim did her work:

Until next time~ happy creating!


21 thoughts on “A new project to try

  1. Others use the word β€˜adorable’ to describe this little girl and I sew very much agree! I also agree that keeping the colors used to a minimum produces a very nice result. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. These stamps are wonderful! I love that you described your stitch as “teeny”! Maybe if you used one strand of embroidery thread doing it by hand might be a little easier. The girls remind me of the calendar girls in an embroidery club sew along I saw recently. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. I was sorely tempted to join in! πŸ˜€

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  3. Oh she’s so adorable πŸ˜ƒ I totally forgot all about this but have also been collecting stamps, in the same style (attaching to the block). I was wondering if you did fmq or normal straight stitch foot, but then watched that little video. I see so many possibilities with this, and agree with starting off simple and not too small.

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  4. Oh yes, and to go with Kristie’s point with hand-embroidery with one strand, that’s the advice given by Jenny Reynolds – one strand and teeny stitches make it look more like handwriting

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  5. Thanks Monuque.
    I also never thought of using my card making stamps for embroidery. I have some cute ones too that would make cute embroideries! Oh for more crafting time!

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