Some call it clutter, I call it inspiration!

Well, the time has come to start packing up my quilt room. We have been doing little projects all around the house to get it looking ship-shape for the sale and I have been keeping my quilt room as is in the meanwhile. But we are now nearing that time when we are ready to start patching the little nail holes and removing my bookcases and painting over my quote~ GASP!Inspirational quote

I have to take out of all my quilt paraphernalia and make that room look like a dining room again.Β  I have been busy making us a dining room set….the chairs are all painted, but a few still need a coat of wax, and I still need to reupholster the seats on 3 of them. But that is easy. I just LOVE how the table turned out~exactly like I had imagined!

I think this set will make our “dining room” look very sweet and functional!

As for the room, it is not quite ready to host its new furniture….I started packing up my quilt books and it turns out I have a LOT of quilt books ( who knew?! :D).Β packing up the quilt booksThat little face you see peeking out of the word “books” on the top box is describing how I’m feeling about all this packing up ;).

Anyway, while I was doing all this packing up I thought I had better take some pictures of all the elements that I love in my room so that I can recreate them in our new house. And as I was taking those pictures, I could imagine certain people just thinking “what a clutter!”.

But to me it is not clutter. It is inspiration all around! I love seeing the sweet little statues and the colorful buttons in their wonderful jars, and the fabric all just there to admire. All these things make my room a happy place and a space I want to be in. So in my next sewing room ( hopefully I will have one~fingers crossed!) I will pull all those things out again and put them front and center! Never mind how cluttered someone else thinks it is…it is mine and I’m the one who has to love that space! So hopefully I will have some fabulous quilt room decor and reveal to share with you in a few short months ( we have an eye on a house that comes with a “sewing room”, already all set up with lots of outlets and a tile floor!)

In the meantime I wanted to share some other items that are inspiring me these days…the weather is finally starting to warm up and my bulbs are peeking out of the ground, so yesterday I treated myself to a little retail therapy and came home with these fun Spring items:

As you can tellΒ  there has not been a lot of quilting time, but I do have a few little fun things to share with you next week!

Until next time~happy creating!


19 thoughts on “Some call it clutter, I call it inspiration!

  1. LOL Can 100% sympathize with you. We just sold our house and went through the same thing. My daughter and I live and quilt together. SO many treasures … NOT clutter. LOL We hung up a sign in our quilting room stating, “Excuse the mess but this is where the MAGIC happens (and magic can be messy) … We are now 90% packed and moving next week to a different state to start the magic again. So understand where you are coming from!! Have fun and much happiness!!

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  2. Are you moving to a new state or close by? Our last move was so tramatic, or so it seems. We had lived in our last house for 20 years and we had so much to dispose of. I don’t even know how many boxes of quilt books I packed, and I donated a couple boxes of quilt magazines. Even donated a box of Mary Englebreit magazines to a school teacher friend. Her kids loved them, so happy I did that. It was fun to discover all the treasures but can’t find them all even now. Mark your boxes well. Hope your future house DOES include that Sewing Room. Good luck.

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    1. Thanks, Lonna! We did a cross-country move 7 years ago and I figure with this one being in state it should be a little easier. But you are right, you collect a lot of things and it’s hard to go through it all and decide what to let go and what to keep. I am excited about the possibility of an actual quilt room, and not just a dining room turned quilt room!


  3. I love your craft room and its not cluttered at all. Love your new purchases, that rocking chair looks quite inviting. Good luck with the packing and with the new house. Take care.

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  4. Hi Monique. I sympathize with the packing up process and can understand the sad face on the box of books! I don’t see mess when I look at the photos of elements in your room I see the loved materials waiting to be put into projects to treasure. I hope all goes well with the moving process. Are you moving a long way from where you are now? I love your dining room chair renovating-they look sensational!


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    1. Thanks Kerrie Anne. We are moving in state so that will be a little easier than cross-country, but you still have to do the same amount of packing ;). You’d think I would learn and not acquire so many knick-knacks but I can’t help myself…they are inspiring.


      1. Monique, I collect knick knacks too! Not only are they inspiring, as you say but they make me happy when I look at them which I still think is worth the bit of clutter they make! I hope your knick knacks give you enough pleasure that they will be well worth the effort of packing. Glad that you are staying within the state-it looks so pretty from the photos that you post that it would be a shame to leave those lovely views!

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  5. Crossing my fingers and toes for you and the brilliant possibilities with the new place you choose….so many things I spy that are interesting, intriguing, pretty…but I’ll just say for now, I want that chair!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  6. Hi Monique , oh my dear I know how you feel about moving :/, we don’t know how much we have till we must pack it up to move UGH ! I see wonderful joy and love there so much inspiration πŸ’•, a creative mind is messy my friend 😊! All to often our huge quilting hearts don’t remember to do something for ourselves, KEEP all your lovelies dear ! Display at new place YOU deserve to feel happy in YOUR ZONE ! I had to move everything I owned in one weekend and lost much, but I am now safe and children too ❀️! Best wishes sewing sister πŸ’ž Big polish cyber hugs ! Kim

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  7. You never really know how much stuff you have until you have to pack it up & move! I hope you find a house with a wonderful sewing space that you can keep exactly how you want {need!}. My things need to be out on display for inspiration!

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