Little projects here and there

Hello there,

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post! Sometimes there is just not much creative stuff  happening so I really have nothing to share with you. But this week I do 🙂

As many of you already know, we are moving soon so we have been busy getting our house ready to sell, and that process really has been eating away at my creative time. I started packing up my quilt room and all the fabric has been neatly vacuum-packed in those cool space-saving bags ( you know, the ones where you vacuum out all the air? That was fun!) Hopefully that will keep my precious stash safe from bugs and wet and anything else nasty! I had to keep out a little tiny bit of fabric of course, because I have to keep my sanity ;). Besides, there is middle son’s graduation quilt that needs to be finished before June! I was trying to decide whether I wanted to go with the left or right lay-out:

There is a very subtle difference and I wasn’t sure if the one on the left would just be too busy, but when I laid out all the blocks I loved the secondary design that showed up, so that is the one I decided to go with!final layout Now I just have to to decide if I want to quilt the blocks before I put the quilt top together, or after!

Another project I am trying to finish is this table runner.Spring table runner

I bought a Moda scrapbag at my local quilt store and it contained this cute Spring-y collection of fabrics.Moda collection

So I just started sewing strips together into improvised Log Cabin blocks and this is the result. I added the tongues at the end just for a new fun design element. I finished quilting this one, but accidentally packed away the fabric I was going to use for the binding….oops! May just have to do a little shopping now ;).Spring tabel runnerIt was a happy surprise to find this quote on all the selvedges and I definitely want to incorporate it into the quilt somehow!Sundrops by Corey Yoder for ModaIsn’t that cute?!

Other than those two quilt projects, I have mostly been working on embroidery. It is small and easily portable and is the perfect thing to work on IF I can’t be quilting! This is a redwork project that I have had in the works for a  while now. Don’t you just love how I obviously tired of doing that bird in the center and just left him half done??redwork embroidery

I am also continuing my embroidered stamp work. These little girls are just so sweet and I love deciding what color I want to use in all the little details.

I am having so much fun with them in fact, that I made this the challenge in my Facebook group for the month of April! Anyone who sends me a SASE will receive one stamped image of my choosing, which they can embroider and incorporate into any project they wish. I can’t wait to see the creative results!

Seeing as I am so limited in my creative pursuits these days, I would love to live vicariously through you all~ What have you been up to? What fun projects do you have in the works? I would love to know so please share in the comments!

Until next time~Happy creating!


16 thoughts on “Little projects here and there

  1. One thing I am working on is a bluework wallhanging kit “Thyme to Garden” by Bird Brain Designs. I don’t normally buy kits, but when I was helping a fellow quilter lessen her stash it just happened to end up in my pile! Also have a couple items on the long arm frame, and brought home from a visit to Texas to see family a flannel quilt top my mom had made but never quilted and some quilted squares. Promised my sister I would finish them and ship them back in usable form. It will be a special opportunity since mom has been gone for almost 15 years.

    I posted pictures on my blog last night. Feel free to look I hope to get some actual sewing and quilting done this week once I get the grocery shopping done and a bit of cleaning – ugh! LOL

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  2. You have been a very busy little bee. Like you I have been embroidering santas in redwork (it keeps me sane-ish), yesterday busy cooking and ironing. Today after some housework I can do some more santas. Love all your projects.

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  3. I really like that you chose to go with the first layout of the blue quilt. The overall affect with more rows is quite pleasing! Those Moda scrap bags are always so enticing, so I may wind up with one soon. Although have plenty of scraps already! Haha! Hope you find a cozy new home with a fabulous sewing space soon! 🙂

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  4. Love all your bits. I worked on a mini kitchen prayer quilt today after I finished up the housework. The design is by Jenny Reynolds. I embroidered the pray, put on borders and I’m sewing the binding on tonight. I’m also working on some Easter mug rugs.

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  5. Love the quilts, and what you are trying to do in the midst of a move. Your red work is beautiful! I would love to send you a SASE, unfortunately here in Ecuador there is no dependable mail service so I content myself with just drooling over others beautiful pieces. Having just moved here 9 months ago, I can totally understand creativity/sewing withdrawals. Good luck with your move and I hope everything goes smoothly.

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  6. Hello i just love your work. I have been working on an inspiration you gave. The Parfait quilt from the cake mix book. I did not actually buy the book until I saw your work… fell in love lol
    Making this for my sweet sister in law to surprise her we we go out in July to AZ
    Her favorite color is blue.
    But just having a little trouble with the 2.5 hourglass so small lol (will share with you when finished)
    so i have taken a little break and now working on a king size for a wedding gift. Dont always have a lot of time because i still work. I must be nutz lol
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work.

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  7. Today I tried something new, fabric stiffener and crochet doilies, to make bowls 😃 I’ve got one small and one medium drying – interested to see if they work 😊

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